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Center For Discovery offers a variety of therapeutic groups to help adolescents explore interpersonal issues. We feel that controlling and understanding anger is necessary for all of our clients. The Aspects of Anger group is intended for adolescents whom may be experiencing any type of anger-related issues; for example, difficulty with managing emotions, trusting others, and ineffective communication within the family dynamic. These issues can highly impact the client's individual recovery process and treatment. Here adolescents are provided the opportunity to explore the root causes of their anger and develop skills to manage emotions without engaging in destructive behaviors.

The group philosophy and primary focus of Aspects of Anger is for our clients to identify past unhealthy patterns of coping with anger by developing adequate coping skills and effective anger management techniques.

Center For Discovery utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach, which assists clients to understand anger as a secondary emotion and to identify underlying emotions. Clients benefit from this group by gaining awareness of triggers and environmental stresses. Aspects of Anger help clients to develop assertiveness skills and establish a pro-active plan to regulate emotions and face emotional challenges more appropriately.

Center For Discovery Center For Discovery has been providing residential treatment for women and teens for over years. At Center For Discovery, we provide residential treatment for women with eating disorders, teens with eating disorders, teens with mental health disorders, and teens with substance abuse issues.

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