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At Center for Discovery, we provide residential treatment for teens and adolescents, aged 11 to 17, dealing with mental health disorders. Every member of our team is experienced in treating mental health disorders and deeply devoted to the healing and well-being of our residents and their families. Our program and our team are dedicated to helping those adolescents and teens who are struggling with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and adjustment disorders. At Center for Discovery, mental health treatment is not part of a program, it is the program. Our mental health disorder treatment program is intensive and personalized for each of our residents to address their specific situation and needs.

We firmly believe that teens and adolescents need specialized treatment when dealing with mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, self-harming, and oppositional defiant disorder. We have designed our mental health treatment program specifically to provide each of our residents with the individualized treatment they deserve. Individualized treatment is necessary to help teens and adolescents with mental health disorders and safely affect behavioral, emotional, spiritual and social growth. Center for Discovery has been providing treatment to adolescents and teens for over 15 years, during which time we have developed our proprietary and family oriented process. At Center for Discovery, we know that family involvement is a foundation of successful treatment outcomes for our residents. With Center for Discovery, it is never about blame. We believe it is about where your teen or adolescent and your family go from here and how you get there. We closely involve family members in therapeutic treatment sessions and as a support system for the residents. Research has shown that family involvement in the treatment process is a critical factor in ensuring successful treatment outcomes. Our facility in Whittier, California is the only residential treatment center providing treatment for teens and adolescents with mental health disorders in Southern California.

The Center for Discovery treatment program utilizes well-established treatment modalities and empirically supported therapies. Our residents participate in over 40 structured therapy sessions and task oriented groups each week as well as multiple individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and multi-family therapy sessions. Our treatment schedule, unlike some, is a full 7 day per week schedule, with each and every day being fully utilized for therapeutic treatment. While the treatment program for each resident is specifically tailored to their needs, an average treatment week at Center for Discovery includes three individual therapy sessions, two family therapy sessions, and two multi-family group therapy sessions. Along with these therapy sessions, an average week includes two dialectic behavioral therapy sessions and over 40 group therapy sessions. One of the highlights of the Center for Discovery program is the multi-family group therapy sessions which helps families learn from other families. Families are able to learn from and help each other by both seeing how other families deal with similar issues and situations and also having other families observe their family dynamics, roles, and interactions. Some families may have been practicing these interactions, potentially for years and having another family observe and comment on these interactions can provide valuable insights.

Residential treatment at Center for Discovery takes place in a closely supervised, structured and nurturing environment. By providing treatment in our home-like setting within a residential neighborhood, we are able to focus treatment on the issues related to the mental health disorder and not on the distractions that many adolescents have on a daily basis. Each resident has an assigned nurse, a primary therapist, a dietitian and a discharge planning expert on their treatment team. We know that making the decision to seek residential treatment for your teen or adolescent can be a difficult decision. While the decision may be difficult, know that getting help for your teen is an important step in the recovery process. If you would like to talk with a member of our team about mental health disorders or Center for Discovery, please call us today at 866-458-5441. Our staff is highly trained, experienced and here to help.
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