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Teen & Child Eating Disorders

Body Acceptance

Typically, key features of eating disorders include an obsession with one's body (or certain body parts), body hatred, and body distortion (that is, someone seeing their body much differently than others see it). This preoccupation with the size and shape of the body can lead the person to spend countless hours in front of the mirror inspecting and criticizing their body, feeling and "checking" their body for changes in size, and/or spending time stepping on and off of the scale. In fact, accepting one's body is often the hardest part of recovery from an eating disorder. Here at Center For Discovery, we work with our clients to help them begin to heal their relationship with their body.

Through expressive arts, experiential interventions, and individual and group work, we teach our clients a new way to "self-talk" by encouraging our clients to be talk to themselves with as much compassion and kindness as the often talk to their peers, clients are able to begin to rebuild self-confidence and reposition their self-identity as coming from more than the size and shape of their body. Additionally, we work with clients to be present in their bodies by exploring the physical feelings that accompany emotions and by increasing their ability to identify hunger and satiety cues; we examine the messages that media and society inundate us with and learn how to become an educated consumer of such messages; and we find ways to enjoy and appreciate all that our bodies can do for us through such activities as dance, yoga, hikes. Through all of our body acceptance work with clients, Center For Discovery aims to empower clients, decrease reliance on outward appearance, and increase self-worth.


Center For Discovery Center For Discovery has been providing residential treatment for women and teens for over years. At Center For Discovery, we provide residential treatment for women with eating disorders, teens with eating disorders, teens with mental health disorders, and teens with substance abuse issues.

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