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Many different factors can contribute to the development of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and other types of disordered eating. Eating disorders are complicated and knowing the signs and symptoms to look for is important. Below is a list that includes some common signs that you or a loved one may be dealing with an eating disorder. If you believe you or a loved one is dealing with an eating disorder, seeking the guidance of a medical professional can be critical.

•  Constant thoughts about weight
•  Frequent checking of weight
•  Enjoyment of cooking for others but not for self
•  Weight determines the mood for the day
•  Avoidance of eating with family and friends
•  Feelings of guilt after eating
•  Frequent comparisons of body size and shape to that of others
•  Drastic fluctuations in weight over short periods of time
•  Exercises compulsively
•  Preoccupation with the eating behaviors of others
•  Menstrual irregularities
•  Uses eating to relieve stress or depression
•  Self-induced vomiting
•  Laxative abuse
•  Diuretic abuse
•  Consistent concern about being fat
•  Difficulties with concentration
•  Increasing isolation
•  Loss of hair
•  Preoccupation with food, cooking, exercise, calories, nutrition, etc.
•  Uncontrollable binge eating to the point of feeling sick
•  Frequent dieting
•  Lying to others about eating habits
•  Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
•  Constantly feeling cold
•  Fine body hair
•  Dizzy spells, fainting spells or blackouts
•  Swollen, puffy cheeks
•  Feelings of confusion about emotions or fear of expressing them
•  Skipping work due to feelings of being fat or sick
•  Eating the same rigid foods all of the time
•  Woks out even when sick or injured
•  Turns down social activities to work out
•  Extremes of exercise, either excessive exercise or none at all
•  Clothing is purchased based on size instead of fit
•  Loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed

Center For Discovery Center For Discovery has been providing residential treatment for women and teens for over years. At Center For Discovery, we provide residential treatment for women with eating disorders, teens with eating disorders, teens with mental health disorders, and teens with substance abuse issues.

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