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Center for Discovery – Eating Disorders Treatment

Finding an Eating Disorders Treatment Facility for Your Teen

Finding out that your teen has an eating disorder can come as a shock; most teens are very good at hiding their disorder for a long time. There is going to come a point in time where they are no longer going to be able to hide their destructive behavior and the only way you are going to be able to help them is to place them in an inpatient facility that offers an eating disorders treatment program designed specifically for the tween and teen age groups.

This age group tends to have very specific issues that have led to their eating disorders. Treatment must be geared towards the whole picture and cover what can be a very complex set of issues. It takes staff that has been very carefully trained to work with this age group in order to have the highest percentage of success with the treatment program.

At Center for Discovery, you will find California’s first inpatient eating disorders treatment facility that was built with this age group in mind.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Help

Where Can a Parent Turn for Eating Disorder Help?

Watching your child binge eat on a regular basis is a very hard thing for a parent to do. You know that you need to do something, but you don’t know where to turn for eating disorder help. Teen binge eating has been on the rise for many years and until recently there were no facilities that were designed to work directly with teens, the only facilities available were geared towards adults. This may have been due to the mistaken perception that only adults had real eating disorders.

When you are looking for eating disorder help today, you will find that there are now clinics and inpatient centers that have been designed specifically to work with children between the ages of 10 and 19 to help them understand their reasons for binge eating and then teach them far more effective and less destructive ways to cope with their emotions. The goal is to teach your child specific techniques that will help them overcome their eating disorder and healthier eating habits so that they can lead a happy and productive life.

When you need eating disorder help for your child, contact the Center for Discovery and get your child the help they need.

Eating Disorders – How to Know When to Get Help

Eating disorders are at an all-time high among teens, unfortunately many times a parent may not know what to look for, or may take their teens word when questioned about it. Eating disorders can be life threatening so if you think your child may have an eating disorder you need to know and understand the symptoms so you can get them help.

If your child tends to be preoccupied by food, calories or exercise, constantly weighing themselves or is constantly concerned about being fat these may all be signs that they are struggling with eating disorders. If you suspect that your child is starving themselves, inducing vomiting, or abusing laxatives or diuretics then these are all signs that your child may be in serious trouble.

If you suspect that your child has an eating disorder then it is time to get more information and help. Center for Discovery can help they offer a wealth of information about eating disorders as well as programs to help your teen get well again.

Eating Disorder Treatment – Family Involvement is Crucial to Success

When a teen has an eating disorder, there are normally a number of different psychological, physical, and behavioral problems that are contributing to the problem, because of this it is important the family becomes involved in eating disorder treatment if the patient is to be successful. Family involvement takes on many different roles, from teaching the family to communicate better, firming up relationships and the important foundation that family represents to giving the family the skills they need to help the teen recover from their eating disorder.

Like many other disorders, eating disorders are a family affair, it will be the families job to help and support the teen and not to enable them once they complete their eating disorder treatment. The goal of family programs is to equip each member of the family to be able to do this, thus giving the teen the best chance of success.

The Center for Discovery offers well rounded adolescent residential programs aimed at helping teens overcome their eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – Offer a New Chance at Life for Teens

When coping with eating disorders, teens can feel overwhelmed by peer pressure and the daily demands of life and family. Because of this sometimes an eating disorder treatment centers can be the safest place for your teen for find recovery and a new life. A treatment center allows your child to get the treatment they need is a safe supportive environment away from the peer pressure and other issues that helped to reinforce the eating disorder to start with.

Eating disorder treatment centers combine inpatient intensive treatment, with family therapy and then follow up outpatient treatment to help your child not only understand the reasons for their eating disorder but to help them learn the essential skills necessary to ensure that they are able to go back out into their world and maintain the healthy eating habits and skills they have learned.

Center for Discovery offers eating disorder treatment programs designed to help your child find long term recovery from their eating disorders.