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Eating Disorders in Midlife

Eating Disorders in MidlifeWhat Accounts for the Rise of Eating Disorders in Midlife?

We often think of eating disorders as illnesses that afflict adolescents and young adults. A 2012 study sheds light on the alarming prevalence of eating disorders in women 50 and over: 13% experience eating disorder symptoms, 60% report that their body image concerns negatively affect their lives, and 70% are actively trying to lose weight.

What accounts for the rise in eating disorders at midlife? According to an article from AARP, menopause echoes puberty with regard to the physical and psychological changes women experience.

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What to Expect at Center for Discovery

What to Expect at Center for DiscoveryWhat to Expect at Center for Discovery

Clients entering residential treatment at Center for Discovery face a wide range of emotions. Some clients may feel sad, upset, angry or excited about their new placement. It is important for clients entering residential treatment at Center for Discovery to understand what they can expect from their time spent in treatment.

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What to Expect from Eating Disorder Residential Treatment

What to Expect from Eating Disorder Residential TreatmentWhat to Expect from Eating Disorder Residential Treatment

Entering a residential treatment facility can be anxiety provoking for returning clients, new clients, and families. Understanding this, most residential treatment programs are designed to accommodate all the tension and apprehension that may come with this change. The days spent at a residential treatment center are organized, planned, and focused on providing the best care and support possible. Although clients may enter a residential program at different stages of recovery and with differing disorders, all enter with the same rules and follow the same program.

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Deciding on Residential Treatment

Deciding on Residential TreatmentConsider This Before Deciding on Residential Treatment

It can feel like one of the hardest choices you’ve ever made as a parent. You’ve consulted various doctors, practitioners, friends and family members. Quite possibly, you’ve shared with your child or teenager some of what you’ve been thinking and their response has introduced doubt into your mind all over again. Even the choices you made before deciding to travel, sometimes a very long distance, to bring your child to residential treatment can be questioned as you walk through our doors.

I’ve seen many families admit their children over my two years at Center for Discovery. It is not an easy process. Oftentimes, there is a rush of uncertainty, doubt, and fear. Yet, in the midst of all those, there exists a hope that, maybe, this could actually help where you may feel completely at a loss. That hope is what gives you the courage to entrust your child to a house full of strangers and make the long drive home without her.

Deciding on Residential Treatment is No Easy Job. We Can Help

As one of those strangers, I am always struck and honored by the trust you place in me, in us. We live life with your children and teenagers for the weeks they are in treatment. What I want to offer in this post, is that, as I live life with them, I truly care about them and struggle with them for their recovery. I believe this is also true of my co-workers, and what I have found so unique to the atmosphere that Center for Discovery seeks to create. You are not leaving your child in a cold, institutional-like facility, but a home filled with professionals who offer both their skills and their hearts to the work of recovery. Knowing this may not make the decision easier, or the process less painful, but maybe it will ease something in you as you walk through our doors.

Don’t Let Eating Disorders Call the Shots

Call Center For Discovery now at 800.760.3934. If you are struggling with your recovery, or need treatment, don’t hesitate to call Center For Discovery immediately with any questions. Call now and speak to one of our highly trained admission specialists today. Or fill out this form for a FREE assessment. All calls are completely FREE and strictly confidential.

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