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Micro-Biting and Other Habits at the Table

Micro-Biting and Other Habits at the TableMicro-Biting and Other Habits at the Table

For those who have an eating disorder, the process of eating is a stressful experience.  Many worries swim around in the head of these clients.  How will I look after I eat this food? How many calories are in this? How much sugar?  However, eating must be done to stay alive and so it does occur at times, even for those who are very restrictive in their food intake.

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What Are Food Rituals?

What Are Food RitualsEver Wondered What Are Food Rituals?

Food Rituals are compulsive ways in which a person interacts with food that produces anxiety when not followed.  For instance, many people who have eating disorders take abnormally small bites of food, and when not allowed to do so will feel extreme anxiety.  Others may tear their food apart and will feel anxiety if not allowed to do so. Many rituals make it less stressful to eat food, or have the purpose of making one full before they finish the meal. Others focus on making the meal taste bad by letting cereal become soggy, letting food become cold, and burning the food or over-seasoning the food to create a bad taste.  The purpose of this is to discourage the desire to eat these particular foods in the future.  

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