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Are Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatments Right for Your Teen?

Are Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatments Right for Your TeenAre Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatments Right for Your Teen?

If for any reason whatsoever you think that your teen might be suffering from any form of eating disorder, you should make an appointment for them with your family doctor. The most important thing you need to realize is that an eating disorder is a disease that, like any other needs to be treated professionally if you want your child to recover.  There are numerous types of eating disorder treatments available and your doctor will make his recommendations based on what stage of the disorder your child has reached.

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Eating Disorder Treatments – Your Family Needs to be Involved in Eating Disorder Treatments

No matter how you look at the situation, your whole family is a very important part of any program of eating disorder treatments if you want them to be successful. Therapists know that while it is important that the person with an eating disorder receives the appropriate level of therapy, the family also needs their own level of therapy so that they can understand the problems their child has and how they need to be involved in helping him or her get to where they need to go.

Eating disorder treatments such as those offered by the Center for Discovery focus on the family since they have been there throughout all of the bad times and now they need help to come to terms with their child’s disorder. This part of the treatment program is designed to ensure that the family understands their role in providing support for the patient once they return home from the residential treatment center.

Eating Disorder Treatments – Can We Help Our Child with Their Eating Disorder?

When your child has been diagnosed it can be very disquieting. As a parent we are intent on doing the best we can for our children and when this happens, we feel that we have failed our child. While there are a number of different types of eating disorder treatments available, it can be tempting to think that you can do it all by yourself.

The only problem with this is that when your child has developed an eating disorder, it is a mental as well as a physical condition. While you might think that you are doing the right thing, you are going to find that in most cases seeking eating disorder treatments from a professional clinic such as the Center for Discovery is more likely to produce permanent positive results for your child, which is exactly what they need.

Your Path to Eating Disorder Treatments

Eating disorders can endanger a child’s life and disrupt an entire family and while you may know you need to do something to help your child you may be at a loss as to how. One of the first thing you need to do is to realize that your child has a severe illness, you cannot fix it and your child needs specialized eating disorder treatments to get better. Many parents simply do not understand eating disorders and think that they can somehow make them better just by trying to make their child eat more.

Instead you should seek out your child’s doctor for consultation or talk to a professional eating disorder specialist to find out if your child has an eating disorder and what needs to be done about it. Eating disorder treatments are a long term process so you must be patient and understand that things will not get better right away; you will need to offer you support and unconditional love to your child for the length of their treatment and trust in the process.

At Center for Discovery we offer eating disorder treatments that are targeted to adolescents and teens, offering them treatment unique to their special challenges.

Eating Disorder Treatments – Understanding the Different Levels of Care

Eating disorder treatments vary depending on the needs of the person receiving the care, there are several different levels of treatments available to best meet the needs of the child and their family. Outpatient treatment is the first option available and it is comprised of a team of eating disorder specialists as well as the patient’s doctor and possibly a therapist or family therapist designed to help the entire family overcome the eating disorder.

Intensive outpatient treatment is the next level and is usually what occurs if regular outpatient treatment has failed or the patient is at less than 80% of their ideal body weight. A partial hospitalization day program is also available as a step down for residential treatment and is suited to a patient with less than 80% of their ideal body weight.

Residential treatment is a 24 hour a day program that is long term, and is used as a step down from hospitalization or when the patient is between 70% and 85% of their ideal body weight. Finally hospitalization is used when the patient is less than 70% of their ideal body way and is not medically stable or is in crisis.

For more information about eating disorder treatments and for help with deciding what treatment your child needs please visit the Center for Discovery.

A New Approach to Eating Disorder Treatments for Children

One of the biggest problems for children who have an eating disorder is the fact that until recently, eating disorder treatments were designed primarily with adults in mind. While these treatments might work well for adults, they were not achieving much success for children. This was evidenced by the sad fact that many children arrived at adulthood with their eating disorder fully intact and getting worse.

The modern approach to eating disorder treatments for children has been very carefully designed just for those in the 10-19 age groups. These treatments involve the use of therapists, dietary nutritionists and ancillary staff that have been specifically trained just to work with this demographic. Treating children in this manner is achieving remarkable results with very high success rates an extremely low relapse rates.

For more information regarding eating disorder treatments for children, visit us at the Center for Discovery, we are dedicated to helping only those in this age group.

Eating Disorder Treatments

Are Eating Disorder Treatments Really Successful?

When your child has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, you want to do everything possible to help them overcome it. The big question for most people is whether or not eating disorder treatments are actually successful or if they are simply another way to take your money and leave you with a child that is going to go right back to their eating disorder.

There is no way to guarantee that eating disorder treatments, no matter where you send your child, are going to be successful. However, there is one thing that can be guaranteed and that is as long as your child does not get help, they may never get their disorder under control. Each treatment center may have different methods of treatment, but the overall results are very positive as the vast majority of those who undergo this type of treatment program have an excellent chance of a full recovery.

For more information about eating disorder treatments, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

Eating Disorder Treatments

Do Eating Disorder Treatments Really Help?

As a parent with a child that has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, you are naturally concerned about finding the best help for them. Most of us have heard about the different types of eating disorder treatments that are being used to help those with this terrible disease. With stories about the Hollywood starlets who seem to keep going back to treatment centers in abundance, you are probably wondering if these programs really work or not.

In reality while there are those few for whom eating disorder treatments do not work, you will find that for the vast majority of those diagnosed with an eating disorder, they are highly successful. Today the average treatment center focuses not only on the disorder itself, but with the root cause of it. By working with their patients, they can not only help them learn why they have an eating disorder, but teach them the skills they need to be able to overcome it completely.

At the Center for Discover, we focus on providing the best eating disorder treatments for those ages 10 through 19 and give them the tools they need to lead a very successful life.

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