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Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Learning More from an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Finding out that you child has been diagnosed with an eating disorder can lead to a lot of questions in your mind, only some of which can be answered by the doctor who made the initial diagnosis. In order for you to get the answers to the rest of your questions, you are going to need to talk to the professionals in an eating disorder treatment center who work with this type of patient every day of the year.

Because the staff in an eating disorder treatment center for children works with young patients, they have the training and the knowledge to be able to answer all of your questions. If you are trying to find the right type of treatment for your child, you will need to speak to the facilitators at one of these clinics and make sure you fully understand the type of care your child will be getting and the treatments that will be used to help them overcome their eating disorder.

When you have questions, we at the Center for Discovery have the answers you need. As an eating disorder treatment center specifically for children, our staff has the answers that will put you at ease and help you make the right decisions.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Does My Child Need to Be In an Eating Disorder Treatment Center?

Lately you have been watching your child and his eating habits a little more closely than you used to. You’ve been seeing him eat far too much and watched his weight gain seem to increase rapidly. Most people connect an eating disorder with anorexia or bulimia, those disorders that are often seen as girls that are too thin. When you have a child that eats constantly, you have a child that also has an eating disorder; a treatment center can help with this type of disorder as well.

When you admit your child to an eating disorder treatment center, he will get the help he needs from trained therapists, who will help him to understand why he eats the way he does. He will learn new coping skills to use instead of eating and he will work with a dietitian to learn more about what he should be eating.

At the Center for Discovery, we provide an eating disorder treatment center for a wide variety of eating disorders including binge eating, anorexia and bulimia.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Family Help from Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

By the time most families that have a child with an eating disorder has finally gotten to the point at which they have finally taken their child to one of the available eating disorder treatment centers, the child is not likely to be the only one who needs help. At this point the average family feels like they have been run through the mill and most likely needs a little help of their own. At the Center for Discovery we understand where the families are coming from and have programs in place to help.

By the time the average family arrives at our eating disorder treatment centers they need therapy almost as much as their loved one. We provide a full range of Family Therapy that is designed to help answer the questions , educate and encourage the rest of the family while their loved one is getting the help he or she needs. This way everyone is on the same page once they are reunited, making the rate of success for our programs much higher.

Center for Discovery eating disorder treatment centers believes that a family that has the advantage of their own therapy can and will do what is necessary to ensure the complete success of their loved one.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Does My Child Need to be in an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Most parents are very reluctant to make the decision to place their child in an eating disorder treatment center as they refuse to accept the fact that their child has a problem of any kind. This is a normal reaction as no parent wants to admit that they cannot help their own child. In most cases the child’s eating disorder is fairly well advanced long before anyone is really even aware that their child is having any kind of problem. Once it reaches the stage where the disorder is noticeable to the parents, professional help it more often than not the only solution.

There are outpatient programs that work for a number of children, but the highest success rates in helping children overcome their illness, yes an eating disorder is a form of illness, is placing them in an eating disorder treatment center. Here they will get the benefits of full time counseling and group therapy, along with education and dietary help to give them the knowledge they need to succeed.

The Center for Discovery offers an inpatient eating disorder treatment center for children from the age of 10 through 19 with a wide variety of programs to help them overcome their eating disorder.