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My Child Is Not Underweight; Does That Mean They Do Not Have Any Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders have a picture attached to them that most people view as people that are stick thin and starving themselves to death. While this is certainly a part of eating disorder it is not the only picture, there are a great many other children and adults that have eating disorders that most people would not imagine them having, simply because they do not fit this profile.

If you suspect that your child has an eating disorder, but they are not underweight, then you should first take them to a doctor or eating disorder professional and discuss your concerns with them. They will be able to tell you whether your concerns are valid and help you move on to the next step in helping you find help for your child. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about eating disorders and the symptoms that you may already be seeing.

What Can These Clinics Offer My Teen?

If your family doctor diagnoses your child with an eating disorder, he is likely to recommend that they attend an inpatient treatment program. You are going to find that there are several different types of eating disorder clinics available. However, there are only a few that are specifically intended to help teens rather than adults. They offer carefully designed programs that are targeted to this age group.

Programs at eating disorder clinics such as the Center for Discovery are designed to help your child understand why they are suffering with this eating disorder and then teach them what they need to do in order to overcome it. As eating disorders are considered a disease, your child must know exactly what they need to do to avoid falling back into old habits. For most this will be lifelong recovery process that is going take plenty of support from their family after they have left the treatment center.

Eating Disorder Clinics – Tips for Finding the Best Eating Disorder Clinics

If you are looking at eating disorder clinics for your child, you want the very best, there are many things you should look at when looking at the clinics to decide if they are right for your child. Finding a clinic that is geared toward adolescents is one of your first tasks, there are not many of them, so you should look for those first. You want to make sure to next inquire about the qualifications of the staff as well as looking into the reputation of the program and any accreditations they might have.

You will also need to see if they accept your insurance, and find out what they are going to cost you out of pocket once your insurance pays its portion. Other things you might want to know are the types of therapies they use, what the length of the program might be, as well as what type of activities they may offer for your child.

At Center for Discovery we offer one of the first programs specifically designed for adolescents and offer a comprehensive residential program with a low patient to staff ratio to ensure that your child gets the care they need to get healthy.

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