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How Do I know What to Look for in an Eating Disorder Clinic

If you have never had to deal with an eating disorder before you may not know what to even look for, because it is your child that is going to this clinic it is important for you to find the clinic that can best help your child, but you may not know or understand what that means. If you have a good doctor or therapist they may be able to provide you with referrals to many of the good eating disorder clinics in the area, but if you do not, then it will be up to you to find one.

The first thing you should do is to educate yourself, on what eating disorder clinics do and what the components of a good program for a child would be. Choosing a clinic that is geared toward adolescents such as the Center for Discovery is, can be a huge benefit to your child since clinics focused on pre-teens and teens have been shown to be more successful when working with the group. Also choose a clinic that offers a full range of services, including residential treatment and dual diagnosis, this will ensure that your child gets all the care that they need.

Eating Disorder Clinics – Is Our Eating Disorder Clinic Right For your Child

Once you have decided that your child needs an eating disorder clinic it can be hard to decide which clinic is right for your child. There are many eating disorder clinics, but few focus on the special needs and challenges of the adolescent, this focus can make a real difference in your child’s recovery. We go beyond diagnosing and treating your child for an eating disorder, we offer then the tools to move on into the real world and continue their success while still coping with the inevitable pressures of the world around them.

Many teens with eating disorders have underlying emotional issues as well that must be addressed, our team is specially trained and designed to help your teen acknowledge and address the emotions they have let run rampant through their lives. We teach them how to deal with these feelings in a healthy and productive way.

When looking for eating disorder clinics please take the time to visit Center for Discovery and read more about our approach to helping teens and preteens overcome their eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Clinic – Benefits of Residential Treatment

The Center for Discovery is a residential program focused on adolescents with an eating disorder; this eating disorder program offers a more intense treatment program than an outpatient program might. This can be helpful for those that have already tried residential treatment and failed and for those that have dual diagnosis issues such as substance abuse or depression that also needs to be addressed.

If your child’s destructive behaviors are out of control and harming their health, a residential treatment program can put them in a controlled environment where they will be able to address the problems that have led to this behavior and learn tools to prevent it while at the same time recovering their health.

If you feel your child’s life is in crisis and you feel that they need more than you are able to give them, an eating disorder clinic can help them and you feel in control again, Center for Discovery offers a residential program for teens and preteens and is ready to help you decide if this treatment is right for your child.

Eating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second Chance

Eating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second ChanceEating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second Chance

For children with eating disorders life can seem to be overwhelming and the possibility of overcoming their particular disorder a remote possibility or completely impossible. This is the reason that eating disorder clinics exist, it is their job to provide each person with the tools they need to understand why they have an eating disorder in the first place.

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Is it Necessary for My Child to be Admitted to an Eating Disorder Clinic?

“I have just been told by my family doctor that my child has an eating disorder and I need to know if my child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic or not?” This is a fairly typical question that most parents have as soon as they find out that their child has an eating disorder. The decision to admit your child is one that will be made by you and your family doctor.

Whether or not your child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic is likely to be made, based on very specific criteria. This includes the length of time that your child has been suffering with their disorder, the type of disorder and the severity of it. Only by piecing together all of the pieces of the puzzle can the right decision be made.

For more information on the criteria for admission to an eating disorder clinic, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

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Can Eating Disorder Clinics Help My Child?

“My doctor has just diagnosed my child with an eating disorder and has recommended that I look into getting her into one of the eating disorder clinics. What I want to know is whether or not they can actually help her or not?” For the parent of a child that has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, life can suddenly become full of questions.

This is probably one of the most common as no parents wants to spend the money on these eating disorder clinics if they are not going to do any good. You need to look very carefully at any clinic you are considering using to see what methods they use and the type of treatments they offer. You should spend a fair amount of time researching them online to see what others have to say as well, before you make your final decision.

If you would like to know more about what top quality eating disorder clinics can offer your child, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

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What Can I Expect from an Eating Disorder Clinic?

“I am getting ready to enroll my child in an inpatient eating disorder clinic and would like to know what to expect.” While every clinic has its own program for helping those with eating disorders, the vast majority of them tend to provide similar programs. The first thing you will notice is that they all try to provide an atmosphere that is as home-like as possible.

This will help to put their patients at ease and allow the eating disorder clinic to begin to work with them. Therapy often includes both individual and group therapy programs to help them learn the cause of their disorder and then to help them learnt the tools they need to overcome it. Dieticians are on hand to teach patients proper nutrition and personal trainers to teach proper physical fitness techniques so that when they graduate, they are ready to return to a successful life.

If you would like more information about what to expect from an eating order clinic, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

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Does My Child Need an Eating Disorder Clinic?

There are many different signs that your child may need the help of an eating disorder clinic. You may notice that your child seems to be obsessed about their weight and talks about it constantly. They may exercise far more frequently than is really necessary or perhaps enjoy cooking for the family and then either not eat or eat only a very small amount.

These are only a few of the symptoms that your child needs the help of an eating disorder clinic, there are many more. Many of them manifest themselves as health and nutrition problems that require medical attention. If you even suspect that your child has an eating disorder, you should start by making an appointment with your family doctor to have him perform a complete physical and assessment. It is far better to find that you have no reason to be concerned than to find out, too late, that you missed the signs.

For more information about the signs that your child needs the help of an eating disorder clinic, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

What do Eating Disorder Clinics Have to Offer? – Eating Disorder Clinics

What do Eating Disorder Clinics Have to Offer?

Once your child is diagnosed with an eating disorder, the doctor is likely to recommend that they attend an inpatient program. There are many different types of eating disorder clinics, but only a few that are dedicated to help teens rather than adults. As the number of teens with eating disorders has continued to rise, there are more of these clinics opening. They offer highly specialized programs that have been carefully designed specifically with this age group in mind.

Programs at these eating disorder clinics will help your child to understand why they have this eating disorder and then teach them what they need to do in order to overcome it. Because this is a disease, your child needs to know exactly what to do to avoid falling back into old habits. For most this will be lifelong recovery process that is going take plenty of support from their family once they have left the treatment center.

At the Center for Discovery, you will find one of the only eating disorder clinics on the West Coast that is dedicated to helping those aged between 10 and 19 to overcome this terrible disease.

Can an Eating Disorder Clinic Help Your Child? – Eating Disorder Clinic

Can an Eating Disorder Clinic Help Your Child?

Finding out that your child is not just dieting, but has a serious eating disorder can come as quite a shock and leave you wondering where to turn for help. An eating disorder is not something that is just going to go away by itself; it is a disease that must be diagnosed properly. You will need to start by taking your child to see your family doctor, he will be able to either diagnose your child properly or at least recommend an eating disorder clinic that has the skill and experience to make the diagnosis.

Once the eating disorder clinic has made their diagnosis, they will then be able to recommend an appropriate form of treatment. If the problem is caught in the very early stages, outpatient therapy may be enough. However if the disease is advanced, they may recommend that your child be admitted for a full residential treatment program. Rest assured that your child can overcome this disease, but only if you find them a treatment program.

At the Center for Discovery we are an eating disorder clinic that is dedicated to children between the ages of 10 and 19. These are the years when children are most likely to succumb to an eating disorder.