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A Guide for Parents: Is it Dieting or Disordered Eating?

Is It Dieting or Disordered Eatingdieting disordered eating

With nearly everyone “dieting,” it’s often hard to tell the difference between “dieting behavior” and abnormal, disordered eating behavior. Dieting has become socially acceptable and more than that, the social norm. This can make it harder to pick up on warning signs in your teenager because what you see might not seem too far from the norm.

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The Under-Education of Over-Exercising

undereducation overexercising
What Does the Undereducation of Overexercising Really Mean?

In our society, we are bombarded with messages about exercising and eating.
These messages come through many different outlets including television, radio,
magazines, and even through government sponsored campaigns. According to Let’s
Move.gov, Michelle Obama recently launched a campaign called “Let’s Move” to raise awareness of the importance of exercise and encourage children to exercise for an hour per day and adults to exercise for thirty minutes per day.

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