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Eating Disorders in Children: A Serious Problem on the Rise

Eating Disorders Children Serious Problem RiseEating Disorders in Children: A Serious Problem on the Rise

We think of eating disorders as an adolescent’s illness, something that develops during the turbulent transitions of young lives. Unfortunately, instances of young children with eating disorders are on the rise. According to CNN, research by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality shows that eating disorders in children under age 12 rose by 119% between 1999 and 2006.

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Food and Families

Food and FamiliesFood and Families

It is clear to see how some people get their eyes, smile, or even sense of humor from their parents. However, it may be equally true but perhaps less obvious that our relationships with food are connected to our families. Often the behaviors taught and reinforced in our family system contribute to how we act and the decisions we make long after we leave our family home.

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