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Eating Disorders in Elderly Populations

Eating Disorders Elderly PopulationsEating Disorders in Elderly Populations

Eating disorders have traditionally developed in the adolescent and young adult years. Now, studies are showing that older generations are also struggling. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), more than 20% of women aged 70 and older are dieting and identify weight as their greatest concern.

What is the catalyst for eating disorders that develop later in life? Just as younger people come to engage in eating disordered behaviors in response to trauma, transition, poor body image, and low self-esteem, so do older adults. For seniors, life can change very rapidly and in uncomfortable ways. Many older adults are having trouble dealing with retirement, death of a spouse, income restrictions, or health problems. As dangerous as eating disorders are, they can become very problematic in older generations and cause or exacerbate significant health problems due to weight loss.

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Eating Disorders in Midlife

Eating Disorders in MidlifeWhat Accounts for the Rise of Eating Disorders in Midlife?

We often think of eating disorders as illnesses that afflict adolescents and young adults. A 2012 study sheds light on the alarming prevalence of eating disorders in women 50 and over: 13% experience eating disorder symptoms, 60% report that their body image concerns negatively affect their lives, and 70% are actively trying to lose weight.

What accounts for the rise in eating disorders at midlife? According to an article from AARP, menopause echoes puberty with regard to the physical and psychological changes women experience.

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