How to Cope with School Sports and Eating Disorders

How to Cope with School Sports and Eating DisordersTips for Teammates and Coaches on How to Cope with School Sports and Eating Disorders

If going back to school means going back to competitive sports, when you are recovering from behaviors associated with eating disorders, you may face some additional challenges. It’s a good idea to know that you may need more support as your role in a sport becomes more intense. You can also develop some effective strategies to help you cope with the added pressure to perform physically at peak potential. Fortunately, some important sports organizations understand these issues, and they are taking steps to raise awareness in the sports world.

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New Mental Health Care Act Promises Better Eating Disorder Treatment Coverage

Mental Health Care Act Promises Better Eating Disorder TreatmentMental Health Care Act Promises Better Eating Disorder Treatment

Republicans and Democrats, working together, to pass legislation so that you can benefit from expanded mental health coverage that includes support and residential treatment for eating disorders? If that sounds impossible, you haven’t been following the encouraging progress of the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016. This is why psychiatric professionals, mental healthcare activists, and informed patients are urging you to take action now and show your support, too.

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Fashion Tips for a Positive Body Image

Fashion Tips for a Positive Body ImageUseful Fashion Tips for a Positive Body Image

Soon, the ultimate fashion tip could mean tipping the scales in a new direction. Most people understand the idea that a sound body image translates to stronger sense of self. A distorted body image can lead to serious health risks. Especially if you have developed an eating disorder. If you struggle with the way you see yourself, you may take some comfort in knowing that not all of these types of battles are internal.

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Help for Eating Disorders: Hollywood Secrets

Help for Eating Disorders Hollywood SecretsHelp for Eating Disorders Hollywood Secrets Unveiled

Think you want to look like a movie star? Think again. It’s not a good idea. They are shape shifters. They are living dolls. What you see on the screen may not even be real. Demi Lovato, Nicole Scherzinger, Katie Couric, Lady Gaga, Naya Rivera, and other female celebrities are sharing their food-related issues with the hope that their fans will retain their shapes, at natural proportions, and avoid the nightmares they’ve experienced with eating disorders.

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LGBTQ Affirmative Treatment for Eating Disorders

LGBTQ Affirmative Treatment for Eating DisordersThe Case for LGBTQ Affirmative Treatment for Eating Disorders

It may be common knowledge that women and young girls are more likely than men or boys to experience eating disorders. But what a lot of people may not realize is, that eating disorders are much more common in the LGBTQ community. Recent studies and surveys only confirm this unsettling fact.

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Adele: Battling Body Shaming

battling body shamingAdele is Rolling in the Deep Battling Body Shaming

“Look! Adele’s not eating pizza,” her fans say. “Adele just ate a burrito, and she tweeted how good it was!” the press announces. “Does she really wear those workout clothes outside?” the fashion industry wonders.

Every little thing that Adele does these days is scrutinized by the public. The plump singer makes news every time she steps outside, and every move she makes in public is recorded.

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10 Outdoor Summer Activities

10 Outdoor Summer Activities10 Outdoor Summer Activities You Must Do Before Summer Ends

Here at Center for Discovery Hamptons, we love being active. However, being active can take on a life of its own and turn into an obsession. In fact, according to the NIH, approximately 44% of individuals with an eating disorder also suffer from exercise addiction.

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Orthorexia Therapies for Eating Disorder

Orthorexia Therapies Eating DisorderWhat Are Some Orthorexia Therapies for Eating Disorder?

If you are surfing Internet headlines for the symptoms of Orthorexia, the newest eating disorder diagnosis, it might sound confusing. But understanding therapists at a holistic family-based treatment center know it’s a real and valid threat to a healthy lifestyle.

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US Athletes on Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

eating disorders body image issuesEating Disorders and Body Image Issues Among US Olympians

Now a college coach, when she was young girl, Misty Hyman first thought being athletic would be a way for her to feel more attractive, more confident. She believed that looking powerful and strong would make her beautiful. Then she hit her teenage years. “I started to have a sense of what I looked like to other people, and that became an important part. It was confusing to determine what’s best for my body in terms of my performance and, ‘Hey, I like getting this attention,’” Hyman told USA Today.

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Family Approach to Therapy for Eating Disorder

Family Approach to Therapy for Eating DisorderNew Family Approach to Therapy for Eating Disorder

Do you suspect that they might have an eating disorder? If you have reached the point that you are searching for answers, chances are, you already know something is wrong. You just don’t know what to do. You may feel overwhelmed by the person’s behavior, and getting professional help can seem intimidating. But don’t lose hope. There is something you can do.

Finding an adequate effective family approach to therapy for eating disorder can play a major role in a successful treatment program.

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