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How Long Will My Child Be Away From Home To Receive Their Eating Disorder Treatment?

If your doctor or an eating disorder treatment specialist has recommended that your child get treatment for an eating disorder, one of your first questions will be how long with it take and how long your child will be gone. These days children as young as nine or ten are being diagnosed with eating disorders, and most parents are reluctant to send them to treatment centers because of how young they are.

While there is no answer to how long your child’s recovery will take, eating disorder treatment in a residential center is most often around 3 months but will depend on the severity of the illness and how long it has been going on. Recovery itself can be a long process and will take much longer than their stay in treatment and for some more than one visit to residential treatment may be needed. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about residential eating disorder treatment and what you can expect.

Getting Your Child the Help They Need

Getting Your Child the Help They NeedGetting Your Child the Help They Need

You spend your life teaching your children how to eat properly, how to eat a balanced diet is and which foods are the most nutritious. You thought that this would be enough to ensure that your child knows how and what to eat, so how on earth can they have an eating disorder? The simple fact is that the number of teens that need treatment for eating disorders has been rising significantly over the last few decades. You need to realize that you are not alone when you find out your child is suffering from this disease.

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What Can Eating Disorders Treatment Programs Do for My Child?

You will find each of the eating disorders treatment facilities may vary somewhat in their eating disorder treatment program, but the basics of each of their programs is the same. When a teen enters into a treatment program, it is up to the therapists to first help the patient first find out why they have an eating disorder.

Along with this most eating disorders treatment centers such as the Center for Discovery have a dietician on staff whose job is to teach your teenager about eating a well-balanced diet and to help them readjust to eating properly. The majority of these centers offer exercise classes aimed at teaching patients how to manage their weight without the need to resort to their previous eating habits. The concept is to give the patient a well-rounded education and the tools they are going to need to return to their home and get back to leading a successful life.

Where Can I Go to Get Help for My Child?

One of the first things on your mind as a parent whose child has just been diagnosed with an eating disorder is help, more importantly it is finding out where you can go to get your child the help they need. In certain instances, the doctor who made the diagnosis may have made a few recommendations about where you can go to get the help your child needs. The bad news is that although many doctors can diagnose an eating disorder, they may not know where to send you and your child.

The type of eating disorder help your child is going to need will depend highly on the stage that their eating disorder has reached. In the earliest stages working with an eating disorder clinic that offers outpatient therapy is likely to provide the help needed. If the disease has progressed to a much higher level the only other option is to have them admitted to an inpatient treatment facility such as the Center for Discovery.

What Can These Clinics Offer My Teen?

If your family doctor diagnoses your child with an eating disorder, he is likely to recommend that they attend an inpatient treatment program. You are going to find that there are several different types of eating disorder clinics available. However, there are only a few that are specifically intended to help teens rather than adults. They offer carefully designed programs that are targeted to this age group.

Programs at eating disorder clinics such as the Center for Discovery are designed to help your child understand why they are suffering with this eating disorder and then teach them what they need to do in order to overcome it. As eating disorders are considered a disease, your child must know exactly what they need to do to avoid falling back into old habits. For most this will be lifelong recovery process that is going take plenty of support from their family after they have left the treatment center.

Does My Child Have to Be Admitted As An Inpatient?

“We have just been told by our family doctor that our child is suffering from an eating disorder and we want to know if my child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic or if we can help them ourselves?”

This is usually one of the first questions that most parents have as soon as they find out that their child has an eating disorder. The decision to as to what level of treatment your child is going to need will need to be made by you and your family doctor, based on the stage of their eating disorder.

The decision as to whether or not your child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic like the  Center for Discovery is going to be made based on very specific criteria that is used to help determine the stage of the disorder that your child has reached. This includes the length of time that your child has been suffering with their disorder, the type of disorder and the severity of it.

Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating Disorder

Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating DisorderLabor of Love: Helping Your Child Overcome an Eating Disorder

It can be worse than overwhelming to discover that your child has an eating disorder that can threaten their life and their future. As a parent instincts can run from denying that there is a problem, to thinking that it is a problem that is easily fixed, to wanting to do everything in your power to fix the problem for them. One of the first and most important things that parents must learn is that their child has a serious and life threatening illness that must be treated by professionals that specialize in eating disorders.

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Teenage Eating Disorders Are On the Rise

Teenage Eating Disorders Are On the RiseTeenage Eating Disorders Are On the Rise

The number of teenage eating disorders being diagnosed has continued to rise in recent years, despite the fact that the media and the medical community have been doing their best to raise public awareness. There are so many reasons why this is still continuing to happen, starting with the image that the entertainment industry is still trying to push on our youth.

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Finding Your Child Help for Eating Disorders

Finding Your Child Help for Eating DisordersFinding Your Child Help For Eating Disorders: Explore the Discovery Difference

It can come as quite a shock to find out that your child has and eating disorder. Most parents have very little idea of what is going on until their child’s disorder has become relatively serious. Often it is a teacher or your family doctors that will tell you that your child is in need of help for eating disorders.

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Does My Child Need Help?

“My family doctor found that my child shows serious signs of malnutrition despite the fact that we watch her eat well balance meals at home and send her to school with a healthy lunch. He suspects that she might have eating disorders and has recommended that she see a specialist. At the same time, he states that he thinks she might need to be admitted to an eating disorder treatment center, what should I do?”

This is sadly becoming a very common situation with children, especially teenage girls as they are constantly bombarded with images and products that make them feel overweight. Before you have your child admitted to an eating disorder treatment center such as the Center for Discovery, you will need to let one of our professional counselors evaluate her. We can tell you if she is indeed in crisis and needs inpatient therapy or if an outpatient program will work.