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Does Your Child Need Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment?

If you think or even suspect that your child might have an eating disorder, you need to make him or her appointment with either your family physician or a pediatrician. Eating disorders are a serious illness, they are not a fad and they do not go away on their own. Only a trained professional can make the final determination as to whether your child should be admitted to an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility or if outpatient care will help.

The medical professional you talk to will perform both a physical and a mental evaluation on your child. He will also talk to them to get a sense of how serious their disorder is before recommending inpatient eating disorder treatment. While an inpatient program will help your child recover and get started down the right road, he or she will need to continue with outpatient follow up for a long time before they are likely to be fully recovered from this potentially life threatening disease.

If you would like more information regarding eating disorders is teens please feel free to contact the Center for Discovery, we specialize in helping tweens and teens learn to overcome their eating disorder.

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Should I Seek Help for Eating Disorders for My Child?

Far too many parents sit on the fence not knowing whether they should seek help for eating disorders for their child or not. In most cases you are the first line of defense when it comes to your children and the only one who is most likely to notice any dramatic changes in their eating habits. You are going to have to be brutally honest with yourself and not worry about anything but what is best for your child. If you have any inclination that there might be a problem, you need to have your child evaluated.

The longer you wait to seek treatment for eating disorders the harder it is likely to become to help your child overcome the reasons behind their disorder. You have to realize that any eating disorder is a disease that can only be cured by seeking professional care. Once you realize this, then seeking the help they need will be much easier for everyone.

If you need more information on getting help for eating disorders, the Center for Discovery has the answers you need.

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Family Help from Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

By the time most families that have a child with an eating disorder has finally gotten to the point at which they have finally taken their child to one of the available eating disorder treatment centers, the child is not likely to be the only one who needs help. At this point the average family feels like they have been run through the mill and most likely needs a little help of their own. At the Center for Discovery we understand where the families are coming from and have programs in place to help.

By the time the average family arrives at our eating disorder treatment centers they need therapy almost as much as their loved one. We provide a full range of Family Therapy that is designed to help answer the questions , educate and encourage the rest of the family while their loved one is getting the help he or she needs. This way everyone is on the same page once they are reunited, making the rate of success for our programs much higher.

Center for Discovery eating disorder treatment centers believes that a family that has the advantage of their own therapy can and will do what is necessary to ensure the complete success of their loved one.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Treatment

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

If you feel that your child has an eating disorder of any kind, you need to make an appointment with your family doctor to have him or her diagnosed. You need to understand that an eating disorder is a disease that, like any other needs to be treated professionally if you want them to recover. There are several different forms of eating disorder and they all progress at different rates depending on the person who is suffering from the disease.

If you are fortunate enough to catch your child it the early stages of their eating disorder, you may find that a professionally managed outpatient eating disorder treatment program will be sufficient. Along with your help, this program can teach them what they need to know to overcome their disease and begin the road to recovery.

If you have a child that needs treatment for an eating disorder, you need to contact the Center for Discovery. We are dedicated to help children struggling with eating disorders.

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There are Several Well –Known Eating Disorders

When you hear the words “eating disorders” your mind, like most people” probably pictures the rail thin late teenage girl with anorexia. While this particular eating disorder is one of the most prevalent, perhaps driven by the image that is projected by movie stars and models that only when you are thin do you look good. This is only one of the major eating disorders, the other are bulimia and binge eating.

Both anorexia and bulimia result in your child not getting the nutrition that their bodies need to thrive and can lead to major health problems such as organ failure that can lead to death. At the opposite end of the scale is the binge eater. Typically this child will eat when he or she is having emotional problems such as being picked on at school. They consume large quantities of food and in most cases are either borderline obese or are obese.

All of these eating disorders have one thing in common; they require professional help to regain control of their eating habits and their lives before their problems become so severe that they die. At Center for Discovery we specialize in helping teens learn to overcome their disease and get their lives back in order.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Centers

Selecting the Right Level of Care from Eating Disorder Centers

When you need more help than you can provide for your child to help them overcome their eating disorder, you can turn to the professionals at one of the eating disorder centers. They offer a variety of different treatment options including outpatient and inpatient. In most cases an outpatient setting may be tried first to see if they will respond to treatment without the need to be entered into a residential program. Often the decision as to which level of care should be selected is based in part on the patient’s actual body weight when compared to their ideal body weight.

This allows the professionals at the eating disorder centers to make a determination as to how serious the problem is and ensure that your child is going to get the appropriate level of care. With the understanding that both mental and physical states play an equally large role in the decision making process, your child will get the best possible care to help them overcome their eating disorder at the Center for Discovery.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Treatments

Getting the Family Involved in Eating Disorder Treatments

Any way you slice it, the need for family is a very important part of any successful program of eating disorder treatments. Therapists have learned that while it is important that the person with an eating disorder must receive the appropriate level of therapy and care, the family is also going to need their own form of therapy in order to better understand where their child is coming from and how they need to be involved in helping him or her get to where they need to go.

Eating disorder treatments focus on the family as they have been there throughout all of the bad times and now they need help to come to terms with their child’s disorder. This phase of the treatment program is designed to ensure that the family understands their role in providing support for the patient once they return home from the residential treatment center.

If you have any questions at all about eating disorder treatments feel free to contact the Center for Discovery.

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Does My Child Need to be in an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Most parents are very reluctant to make the decision to place their child in an eating disorder treatment center as they refuse to accept the fact that their child has a problem of any kind. This is a normal reaction as no parent wants to admit that they cannot help their own child. In most cases the child’s eating disorder is fairly well advanced long before anyone is really even aware that their child is having any kind of problem. Once it reaches the stage where the disorder is noticeable to the parents, professional help it more often than not the only solution.

There are outpatient programs that work for a number of children, but the highest success rates in helping children overcome their illness, yes an eating disorder is a form of illness, is placing them in an eating disorder treatment center. Here they will get the benefits of full time counseling and group therapy, along with education and dietary help to give them the knowledge they need to succeed.

The Center for Discovery offers an inpatient eating disorder treatment center for children from the age of 10 through 19 with a wide variety of programs to help them overcome their eating disorder.

Center for Discovery – Eating Disorder Center

How Do I Know if My Child Needs to be in an Eating Disorder Center

The number of teens that have some form of eating disorder continues to increase every year. Most parents are not even aware of the fact that their child has a problem and needs the help that comes from an eating disorder center. Signs are varied, but often include obsessing about their weight; they tend to avoid eating at home and may go straight to the bathroom after a meal to vomit. Nonstop exercise is a common symptom, as you watch your child continues to lose weight to the point of looking emaciated and lose interest in everything around them.

You have to remember that any form of eating disorder is a very serious illness and cannot be ignored. Talk to your family doctor and have him talk to your child about their disorder. In most cases he will refer you to an eating disorder center that can help your child get started back on the long road to recovery and teach them what they need to know to overcome their illness and get back to living a normal life.

The Center for Discovery is the first eating disorder center on the West Coast designed specifically for teenagers.

Center for Discovery – Treatment for Eating Disorders

Getting Your Child to Accept Treatment for Eating Disorders

Many of today’s teens struggle with their self-image among their peers; unfortunately the culture seems to still be projecting the idea that you have to be thin to be successful. This same image has been pushed on our youth for far too long. When this is what your child sees as being the norm and sets off down a very destructive path, you have no choice but to seek treatment for eating disorder. If you don’t the results of this type of behavior can be disastrous.

Getting your child to accept treatment for eating disorders is not likely to be an easy task, it is most likely going to take intervention by a team of professionals. These are people who have been specially trained to work with teens to help them see that they need to enter a treatment program. Once entered into a program, your child will work with a team of specialists who will help them to unlearn the destructive behavior and teach them how to be happy with who they are. From here they will learn to overcome their eating disorder and be ready to return to their family and their lives.

If you have a teen that needs treatment for eating disorders, don’t wait until it is too late. Contact the Center for Discovery and get them the help they need now.