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Eating Disorder Center – How Do you Choose the Right Eating Disorder Center?

If a teacher, counselor or doctor has referred your child to an eating disorder center you may find yourself wondering how best to choose the right center for your child? Having to admit that your child has a serious life threatening disease is painful enough but then having to find the right center to help them can seem like an overwhelming decision to put on your shoulders.

It is important to understand that each eating disorder center has a different approach based on their philosophies as to what works and the children that they choose to work with. Your best option is to talk to professionals that can help to evaluate your child and their personality to see what will be a good fit for them. Be sure to keep in mind as well that the level of care your child may need will vary depending on the length of the illness and many other factors.

For more information and help on choosing the right eating disorder center please visit the Center for Discovery, we are committed to help both you and your child.

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Choosing the Right Treatment for Eating Disorders

Finding out your child has an eating disorder can be very scary for a parent and figuring out the next step they need to take can be very confusing. There is a lot of information about different forms of treatment for eating disorders; unfortunately so much of it is either very vague or completely incorrect. If you want to find out what you can do to help your child you need to start by talking to your family doctor.

He can help you to sort through all of the misinformation on the treatment for eating disorders and choose the right course of action. If your child is in the early stages of their eating disorder, he may recommend an outpatient program. For those who are in an advanced stage, the recommended treatment may include a stay in an inpatient treatment facility to help them learn how to properly manage their diet and restore their health.

For more information about the treatment for eating disorders, visit us at the Center for Discovery. We are dedicated to helping children ages 10-19 recover from their eating disorders.

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No End in Sight for Eating Disorders

The rapid increase in the number of teenagers diagnosed with eating disorders shows no sign of abating. With the steady diet of waif like stars our children are being exposed to and the constant amount of peer pressure, it can be very hard for young and very impressionable minds to resist. Most teens do not stop to consider the effects that disorders such as anorexia and bulimia have on their bodies.

Sadly many of these teens with eating disorders are not diagnosed until a significant amount of damage is already done. Most manage to hide their eating habits from their parents and teachers, often for years, resulting in kidney and liver damage or even damaging their hearts. If for any reason you suspect that your child might be dealing with an eating disorder, you need to seek medical diagnosis as soon as possible.

For information that can help you to recognize eating disorders, visit us at the Center for Discovery. We are an eating disorder treatment center dedicated to helping teenagers.

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Family Participation in Eating Disorders Treatment

Even though your child may be the one suffering from one of the various eating disorders, treatment programs typically involve the whole family. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that the whole family has been affected by this situation and is in need of help learning to understand why it happened in the first place.

When your child is in an eating disorders treatment program, they are getting the specialized training they need to learn to eat properly and overcome their disorder. At the same time many facilities like to involve the family in this as well so that everyone starts out on the same page. Families are invited into family therapy sessions that are designed to help everyone learn why this has happened and what they can do to help ensure that their child achieves a full recovery.

For more information about eating disorders treatment, please visit us at the Center for Discovery and start helping your child today.

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Why Do Teens not Seek Eating Disorder Treatment?

Most teens are at least cognizant of the fact that they are suffering from an eating disorder, treatment however, is not something that seems to enter their minds. In most cases teens feel that they are indestructible and that they are going to be just fine. Quite simply most teens refuse to admit that they have a real disorder, they always think that they can control the way they and can go back to eating a normal diet any time they want to.

The reality is much harsher as the vast majority of teens will have to attend some form of eating disorder treatment program in order to for them to overcome their particular disorder. Without professional help, most teens will not be able to take the steps necessary to return to a normal eating pattern and may end up with serious medical problems if their disorder is allowed to continue unabated.

For more information on finding the right eating disorder treatment for your teen, visit us at the Center for Discovery an eating disorder treatment facility just for teens.

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Are There Eating Disorder Treatment Centers Just for Kids

With the number of young teens with eating disorders on the rise, the need for the right type of treatment is vital The vast majority of eating disorder treatment centers have, for years been targeted towards adults. This is really not the best environment for teens to learn the skills they need to overcome their eating disorder.

Fortunately the number of eating disorder treatment centers that are designed specifically for teens are on the rise. These centers are staffed by professionals that have been specifically trained to work with this age group, instead of with adults. This is because the approach to treatment for teens is considerably different from that used with adults. Here you will find therapists that have spent years training to work with this age group and dieticians that can help teach teens how to eat properly.

When you are looking for eating disorder treatment centers for teens, visit us at the Center for Discovery, we have been dedicated to helping teens and their families achieve true long term recovery since 1997.

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Recognizing Teenage Eating Disorders

Even though there has been a dramatic increase in teenage eating disorders, most parents still seem to have a hard time recognizing the early symptoms. The earlier you recognize these symptoms and get your child the help that they need, the less the likelihood is that they will suffer medical problems due to the damage that can occur as a result of their eating disorder.

One of the most obvious signs of teenage eating disorders is that your child will begin to show an unhealthy interest in the food and their weight. Often you will hear them talking about being fat and spending far too much time standing on the scale weighing themselves. In the case of Bulimia, you may notice that immediately after a meal, they end up in the bathroom vomiting the food they have just consumed. These are just a few of the most common signs that your child may have an eating disorder there are many more.

If you want to learn more about the symptoms of teenage eating disorders, please visit us at the Center for Discovery.

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Does My Child Need Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment?

The first thing most parents tend to think when their child is diagnosed with any type of eating disorder is that they must be placed in an inpatient eating disorder treatment program in order to recover. While this may be true in many cases, this level of treatment is generally reserved for those who are at an advance stage of their particular disorder.

In order to determine whether or not your child needs to be placed in an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility you will need to work with your family doctor and the specialist that he is going to refer you to. They will talk to your child and perform a series of medical tests to help them completely assess what stage of their eating disorder your child is at. Only after completing this assessment will you know what level of treatment your child needs to overcome their eating disorder.

For more information about inpatient eating disorder treatment, please visit us at Center for Discovery and get your child the help they need.

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Is There Effective Help for Eating Disorders

Having a child that has been diagnosed with an eating disorder can be very stressful. You know that you are going to need to find professional help for eating disorders if your child is every going to get healthy again. The biggest question is whether or not the help that is available is going to be truly effective or if you are just going to be spinning your wheels.

There are no simple solutions to this problem and the help for eating disorders that is available today has a far better chance of success than at any time in the past. Any facility that tells you that they guarantee your child will be successful is promising something that they should not be doing. While success rates today are very high, every patient is different and some may need more care than others in order to overcome their eating disorder.

At the Center for Discovery we offer help for eating disorders in children ages 10-19 and while we never guarantee our results, have an exceptionally high success rate helping children overcome their disorders.

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Eating Disorder Centers Help Families Too

While your child may be the one who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder, the reality is that in most cases the whole family has been affected. You will find that the best eating disorder centers realize just how important it is that you be a part of the recovery process. This is not just for the benefit of your child; family therapy is designed to help you come to understand your child’s disorder and the role you play in their recovery.

At the same time, eating disorder centers offer family therapy that is designed to help you come to terms with where your role in your child’s disorder falls. The intent of these sessions is to ensure that you are left with the knowledge you need to be supportive of your child and to be able to do your part in helping them recover and provide the long term support they are going to need.

As one of the West Coast’s premiere eating disorder centers for children, the Center for Discovery offer a complete family program designed to help your child succeed.