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Eating Disorder Clinics – Is Our Eating Disorder Clinic Right For your Child

Once you have decided that your child needs an eating disorder clinic it can be hard to decide which clinic is right for your child. There are many eating disorder clinics, but few focus on the special needs and challenges of the adolescent, this focus can make a real difference in your child’s recovery. We go beyond diagnosing and treating your child for an eating disorder, we offer then the tools to move on into the real world and continue their success while still coping with the inevitable pressures of the world around them.

Many teens with eating disorders have underlying emotional issues as well that must be addressed, our team is specially trained and designed to help your teen acknowledge and address the emotions they have let run rampant through their lives. We teach them how to deal with these feelings in a healthy and productive way.

When looking for eating disorder clinics please take the time to visit Center for Discovery and read more about our approach to helping teens and preteens overcome their eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Clinic – Benefits of Residential Treatment

The Center for Discovery is a residential program focused on adolescents with an eating disorder; this eating disorder program offers a more intense treatment program than an outpatient program might. This can be helpful for those that have already tried residential treatment and failed and for those that have dual diagnosis issues such as substance abuse or depression that also needs to be addressed.

If your child’s destructive behaviors are out of control and harming their health, a residential treatment program can put them in a controlled environment where they will be able to address the problems that have led to this behavior and learn tools to prevent it while at the same time recovering their health.

If you feel your child’s life is in crisis and you feel that they need more than you are able to give them, an eating disorder clinic can help them and you feel in control again, Center for Discovery offers a residential program for teens and preteens and is ready to help you decide if this treatment is right for your child.

Teenage Eating Disorders – What you should Know about Teenage Eating Disorders

Teenage eating disorders are on the rise, and the damage that they can cause to your child is too, but despite that and better education these eating disorders are hard to spot for parents. It is crucial to get your child help as soon as possible so if you suspect that your child has an eating disorder you should get as much information as you can then get your child the help they need.

It is important to understand the telltale signs of teenage eating disorders as hard to spot as they might be due to your child trying to hide them from you. This in fact may be your first clue that your child has a problem, if they are hiding or lying about their behavior, they may also seem to have an obsessive interest in food and their weight. They may spend too much time on the scale as well as exercising.

If you are concerned that your child may have one of the many teenage eating disorders Center for Discovery can help, we are a child oriented eating disorder clinic that is designed to help children overcome their eating disorders.

Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment – Reasons to choose Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Parents often want to believe their children are just fine when they are not, or that they do not need the level of care that another might think that they do. Inpatient eating disorder treatment might seem like a scary step for both child and parent, but for a child that has a long standing eating disorder this can often be the only way to stop it in its tracks.

If your child has a long standing eating disorder, is resistant to treatment or is in medical crisis these may all be reasons to choose an inpatient eating disorder treatment. The best thing for parents to do is to have their child evaluated by professionals that can decide what will be the best course of action for their child.

Please visit Center for Discovery if you would like to have a professional evaluate your child and decide what would be the best possible treatment for them.

A New Approach to Eating Disorder Treatments for Children

One of the biggest problems for children who have an eating disorder is the fact that until recently, eating disorder treatments were designed primarily with adults in mind. While these treatments might work well for adults, they were not achieving much success for children. This was evidenced by the sad fact that many children arrived at adulthood with their eating disorder fully intact and getting worse.

The modern approach to eating disorder treatments for children has been very carefully designed just for those in the 10-19 age groups. These treatments involve the use of therapists, dietary nutritionists and ancillary staff that have been specifically trained just to work with this demographic. Treating children in this manner is achieving remarkable results with very high success rates an extremely low relapse rates.

For more information regarding eating disorder treatments for children, visit us at the Center for Discovery, we are dedicated to helping only those in this age group.

Why Do Children Need a Special Eating Disorder Treatment Center?

“I have been told that my child has an eating disorder and needs to be admitted to a special eating disorder treatment center for kids. Why does it have to be a special center just for kids?”

This is a pretty common question as there are so few centers just for kids and so many more that are intended for adults that will take in children.

The problem with using an eating disorder treatment center for adults is that the staff is less likely to be properly trained in the proper methods of treatment for children. For your child, this means that they are not going to get the appropriate tools and education they need to be able to not only achieve a full recovery, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

When you need an eating disorder treatment center that is specifically designed just for children, contact the Center for Discovery and let us help your child.

Where Can I Find Eating Disorder Help for My Child

“My family doctor just told me that my child has anorexia and is going to need professional help to overcome it. Where do I go to find eating disorder help for my child?”

This is a relatively standard question for any parent whose child has been diagnosed with any type of eating disorder and has never faced this problem before.

In most cases your family doctor is going to talk to you about the different levels of eating disorder help, ranging from outpatient therapy to spending time in an inpatient treatment facility. The level of treatment is going to be based on the severity of the child’s eating disorder. If your doctor has dealt with eating disorders before, it is very likely that he will also be able to recommend an appropriate eating disorder treatment center for your child.

When you are in need of eating disorder help for your child, visit us at the Center for Discovery and learn what we can do for your child.

Eating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second Chance

Eating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second ChanceEating Disorder Clinics Give People a Second Chance

For children with eating disorders life can seem to be overwhelming and the possibility of overcoming their particular disorder a remote possibility or completely impossible. This is the reason that eating disorder clinics exist, it is their job to provide each person with the tools they need to understand why they have an eating disorder in the first place.

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Is it Necessary for My Child to be Admitted to an Eating Disorder Clinic?

“I have just been told by my family doctor that my child has an eating disorder and I need to know if my child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic or not?” This is a fairly typical question that most parents have as soon as they find out that their child has an eating disorder. The decision to admit your child is one that will be made by you and your family doctor.

Whether or not your child needs to be admitted to an eating disorder clinic is likely to be made, based on very specific criteria. This includes the length of time that your child has been suffering with their disorder, the type of disorder and the severity of it. Only by piecing together all of the pieces of the puzzle can the right decision be made.

For more information on the criteria for admission to an eating disorder clinic, visit us at the Center for Discovery.

Eating Disorder Centers – Getting Help That is Geared for your Child

The challenges that face children are different from those faced by adults, for this reason if you put your child in any of the eating disorder centers that are geared for adults the results you get may not be optimum. It is important to find a center that is designed to work with children in their teens and preteens, since these centers will better understand the pressures faced by this kind and be able to better help them.

Choosing eating disorder centers that are geared for children will mean that you will get staff such as therapists and nutritionists that understands how to approach the problem from a perspective that children can understand. By doing so these centers are having a much higher rate of success than those where children that are placed in traditional centers.

The Center For Discovery can offer your child the care they need that is relevant to their live and issues, for more information please visit our website.