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Eating Disorder Treatment – What Does Eating Disorder Treatment Entail?

There are many components to a successful eating disorder treatment program; all good treatment will of course start with individual therapy, as well as group therapy and therapy for the family. In addition to this treatment however there are a number of other tools offered to the person with the eating disorder to ensure that they make a complete recovery. Nutrition therapy is essential, since this will help the person understand how to eat healthy in a manner that will keep them fit and healthy.

Dual diagnosis treatment to treat depression or substance abuse is also critical since not addressing these issues will likely mean that the person will relapse. A patient will also be given tools to learn how to manage their emotions properly as well as how to communicate with others.

At Center for Discovery we believe that a complete set of skills is essential to the success of eating disorder treatment, so we strive to help your child gain all the skills they need to overcome their disorder and thrive in the outside world.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – Choosing the Right One for your Child

Not all eating disorder treatment centers are the same and not all of them will get the same results from their treatments. If you are concerned about finding the best treatment center for your child then you may want to take the time to compare a few to see which one offers the best treatments for your child.

You will need to ask first, if the treatment center offers specific treatment for teens and adolescents. This can make a big difference since an eating disorder presents unique challenges for teens that it does not for adults. You should also take the time to see how many people are treated at a time, and how large the facility is. Ask about the number of staff and the type of qualifications the staff have. The more individual treatment is the better since this will help your child get the personal attention their disorder needs.

Please visit us at Center for Discovery for more information about eating disorder treatment centers and to call our staff for an evaluation.

Help for Eating Disorders – Finding the Resources You Need

Whether you have an eating disorder or know someone with an eating disorder likely one of the first steps you will take is to find out more about eating disorders as well as how they are treated. You may not be ready to take the step for residential care just yet, but there are plenty of organizations out there that can provide help for eating disorders as well.

From a 12 step group for eating disorders that helps to teach balance to a variety of different organizations that can assist with referrals, information and other resources there is no shortage of help for eating disorders for those that have them and for those that they have a relationship with.

If you or someone you know needs help for eating disorders please visit us at Center for Discovery, we offer a residential program for adolescents as well as offering a list of resources for your use on our website.

Understanding Teenage Eating Disorders

Teens can do a great job of hiding when they are in trouble or struggling with feelings they do not understand. It can be hard for a parent to spot when there is a problem, at least until there is a medical crisis. The better you understand teenage eating disorders and all of the behaviors that go with them, the sooner you will be able to get your teen the help they need to cope with the disorder. You should start by educating yourself and getting as much information as possible about the eating disorder your child has.

There are many obvious as well as subtle signs that your child may be struggling with teenage eating disorders. Look for any signs that they are lying to you or hiding things from you as is related to food and eating issues.

Center for Discovery can help you understand your child’s eating disorder.

Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment – Understanding when it is Time Take This Step

As parents we never want to think that our kids are struggling, they are our pride and joy and because of that we may be blind to the things in their life that they do not want us to see. This can allow an eating disorder to go on much too long, creating a situation where an inpatient eating disorder treatment center may be the best choice for your child. While this may seem extreme, the truth is that if you are dealing with a long standing eating disorder this step may be crucial for improving your child’s health.

When an eating disorder has been going on for some time there is more of a chance that the eating disorder has affected your child’s health. At Center for Discovery we are experienced in offering your child the best possible inpatient eating disorder treatment to ensure they get the help they need.

Eating Disorder Centers – What Need to Know When Choosing an Eating Disorder Center

If you have been told that your child needs professional help for their eating disorder, you may be concerned about how best to choose from the eating disorder centers that are available to you. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that if you are getting treatment for an adolescent that the treatment should be focused on adolescents. Teens and preteens have a completely unique set of issues from those of adults and this can have a significant impact on their recovery.

You should also look at the type of program eating disorder centers offer, whether it is a residential program, outpatient or something in between. What your child will need will depend largely on how deeply entrenched their disorder is as well as what treatments have been tried to this point in time.

Center for Discovery offers a uniquely adolescent eating disorder program, we recognize the distinct needs of teens with eating disorders and strive to offer them the support and tools they need to overcome their eating disorder.

Eating Disorder Center – What to Do When you are Ready for Help

As a teen you may find it very confusing to understand what is going one with you, an eating disorder is a very complicated disorder and it is not uncommon for you to feel confused and lost. Reaching out for help is the very first step on the road to recovery and often times the hardest one of all. When you are ready for help the first step may be to work with an eating disorder center so that you can begin to understand what is happening to you.

You must first tell someone about your eating disorder, this person should be someone you trust, this person can help support you when it is time to tell your family and seek out help. Once you have told your family then it is time to ask them to help you get the help you need at an eating disorder center.

Center for Discovery is designed specifically for teens like you that are struggling with eating disorders, for more information and to talk to a specialist please visit our website.

Eating Disorder Help – Where to Start with Eating Disorder Help

If you suspect that your child has an eating disorder you may not be sure where to go for eating disorder help, it can be a difficult decision to decide that your child needs more help than you can give them and finding the right help can be the best way to make this decision. Your first stop may want to be to your doctor’s office, he may be able to help you decide if your child needs further help and if so point you in the right direction.

You can also visit the Center for Discovery to see information about our confidential assessment; this assessment will help you decide if residential treatment is the next best step for your child. If you decide that your child needs to get more eating disorder help you can contact us via email or phone to schedule an in person meeting.

Eating Disorder Treatments – Understanding the Different Levels of Care

Eating disorder treatments vary depending on the needs of the person receiving the care, there are several different levels of treatments available to best meet the needs of the child and their family. Outpatient treatment is the first option available and it is comprised of a team of eating disorder specialists as well as the patient’s doctor and possibly a therapist or family therapist designed to help the entire family overcome the eating disorder.

Intensive outpatient treatment is the next level and is usually what occurs if regular outpatient treatment has failed or the patient is at less than 80% of their ideal body weight. A partial hospitalization day program is also available as a step down for residential treatment and is suited to a patient with less than 80% of their ideal body weight.

Residential treatment is a 24 hour a day program that is long term, and is used as a step down from hospitalization or when the patient is between 70% and 85% of their ideal body weight. Finally hospitalization is used when the patient is less than 70% of their ideal body way and is not medically stable or is in crisis.

For more information about eating disorder treatments and for help with deciding what treatment your child needs please visit the Center for Discovery.

Eating Disorder Treatment Center – The Best Place for your To Find their Balance Again

If you have tried outpatient treatment and counseling for your child for an eating disorder and found that it was simply just not effective, it may be time to turn to an eating disorder treatment center. Adolescents that have eating disorders often have extreme emotions and attitudes because of this it may take the controlled environment of an eating disorder treatment center to help them find their balance again and get the necessary tools they need to move on in life.

An Eating disorder treatment center offers a safe place for your teen to uncover the feelings that have triggered their disorder and learn how to channel these feelings in a healthier and more productive manner while at the same time preventing your child’s disorder from making them so ill they must resort to hospitalization instead.

Center for Discovery offers a safe environment for adolescents to overcome eating disorders and find long term recovery.