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Finding the Treatment Center that is Right for your Child

If your child is struggling with an eating disorder and perhaps another disorder such as substance abuse you may not be sure where to turn. You know you need to worry about both issues but you may feel as though you have to choose between the two. Fortunately that is not the case, as there is eating disorder treatment centers that are specifically for teens and offer what is called a dual diagnosis program. This means that the treatment center will address both disorders during your child’s treatment time.

The Center for Discovery offers a dual diagnosis treatment in its eating disorder treatment centers that can help with substance abuse, drinking, anxiety, depression and more. Your child will get the help they need for their eating disorder but their other struggles that could make it hard for them to stay healthy will also be addressed at the same time.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – Choosing the Right One for your Child

Not all eating disorder treatment centers are the same and not all of them will get the same results from their treatments. If you are concerned about finding the best treatment center for your child then you may want to take the time to compare a few to see which one offers the best treatments for your child.

You will need to ask first, if the treatment center offers specific treatment for teens and adolescents. This can make a big difference since an eating disorder presents unique challenges for teens that it does not for adults. You should also take the time to see how many people are treated at a time, and how large the facility is. Ask about the number of staff and the type of qualifications the staff have. The more individual treatment is the better since this will help your child get the personal attention their disorder needs.

Please visit us at Center for Discovery for more information about eating disorder treatment centers and to call our staff for an evaluation.

How Does an Eating Disorder Treatment Center Help?

It can be difficult for a parent to place their child in an eating disorder treatment center; they may feel as though they are abandoning their child, or that they cannot deal with what is going on with them. Nothing can be further from the truth; an eating disorder is a serious illness than needs professional care, one of the most loving things you can do for your child is to ensure that they get the best care possible for their disease.

An eating disorder treatment will not only help your child understand their disorder but it will give them the tools to overcome it. Equally as important an eating disorder treatment center can monitor your child’s weight and health as well as help them to slowing regain the weight they need to be health. Please visit us at Center for Discover for help in understanding eating disorders and to find the eating disorder treatment center that is right for your child.

What Does Eating Disorder Treatment Entail?

There are many components to a successful eating disorder treatment program; all good treatment will of course start with individual therapy, as well as group therapy and therapy for the family. In addition to this treatment however there are a number of other tools offered to the person with the eating disorder to ensure that they make a complete recovery. Nutrition therapy is essential, since this will help the person understand how to eat healthy in a manner that will keep them fit and healthy.

Dual diagnosis treatment to treat depression or substance abuse is also critical since not addressing these issues will likely mean that the person will relapse. A patient will also be given tools to learn how to manage their emotions properly as well as how to communicate with others.

At Center for Discovery we believe that a complete set of skills is essential to the success of eating disorder treatment, so we strive to help your child gain all the skills they need to overcome their disorder and thrive in the outside world.

Where to Turn for Eating Disorder Help

If your child has an eating disorder then life can feel complete out of control leaving you scared and uncertain where to turn. Finding eating disorder help is simple you can start in a number of ways, such as talking to your child’s medical doctor or you can call an eating disorder clinic to have your child evaluated.

This evaluation will help determine what the best type of eating disorder help your child needs based on how underweight they are and how willing to get help they are. There are several levels of help available so your child’s needs can be met in the least disruptive way possible if that is an option. More intense help is also available for those that are very underweight and for those whose lives have gotten completely out of control. At Center for Discovery we offer residential treatment for adolescents, our proven program is geared toward your child’s needs.

How Do I know What to Look for in an Eating Disorder Clinic

If you have never had to deal with an eating disorder before you may not know what to even look for, because it is your child that is going to this clinic it is important for you to find the clinic that can best help your child, but you may not know or understand what that means. If you have a good doctor or therapist they may be able to provide you with referrals to many of the good eating disorder clinics in the area, but if you do not, then it will be up to you to find one.

The first thing you should do is to educate yourself, on what eating disorder clinics do and what the components of a good program for a child would be. Choosing a clinic that is geared toward adolescents such as the Center for Discovery is, can be a huge benefit to your child since clinics focused on pre-teens and teens have been shown to be more successful when working with the group. Also choose a clinic that offers a full range of services, including residential treatment and dual diagnosis, this will ensure that your child gets all the care that they need.

Eating Disorder Centers Offer a Safe Place for Your Child to Heal

Life is filled with pressures for young people that many of us cannot even begin to imagine. As life becomes more complex it also increases the challenges that adolescents must face and this can make healing from an eating disorder much more difficult. Eating disorder centers are perfect for adolescents that are having a difficult time recovering from their disorder in their world and need the safety and healing that an environment such as this can provide.

Eating disorder centers combine group, individual and family counseling along with nutritional and exercise counseling. Within all of that they offer a safe environment to heal and grow and tools to help them continue to heal in the outside world. At Center for Discovery we offer your child a program designed specifically for adolescents increasing your child’s chances of recovery and giving them the safety they need for healing.

Treatment for Eating Disorders – Is there One Single Best Treatment?

Many parents go in search of the single best treatment for eating disorders, out of a natural desire to want the very best for their child. However there are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing a treatment for eating disorders, based on the child, what other issues they may have, how long the eating disorder has been going on, and of course your insurance and ability to pay. All of these must factor in finding the best possible treatment for your child.

There are several different levels of treatment for eating disorder, from one on one counseling to day treatment to residential treatment and hospitalization. Each of these treatments is a step up from each other in terms of the severity of the eating disorder as well as better adapted to the environment that the child is currently in and what their specific needs are.

At Center for Discovery we like to look at the entire picture and find a solution based on your child’s needs. Visit our site for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Eating Disorders – Understanding a bit More about your Childs Eating Disorder

If you have been told that your child has an eating disorder, you may be struggling to understand exactly what that means. It may not always be apparent to you that your child has an eating disorder, or it may be confusing when trying to understand what type of eating disorders there are and which one is affecting your child.

There are three types of eating disorders, Anorexia Nervosa where a person starves themselves to become extremely thin, Bulimia Nervosa in which a person will gorge on food then purge it through vomiting or laxatives and binge eating disorder where an individual will gorge on large amounts of food, each of these disorders will manifest differently and will have different symptoms and warning signs. There are also a number of different related disorders that often coexist with eating disorder that you should be aware of.

Please visit Center For Discovery for more information about all of these disorders and to get help for your child.

Eating Disorders Treatment – Understanding what to Expect From Eating Disorder Treatment

If your parent or you have decided that you need eating disorders treatment you may be concerned about what to expect from the treatment center you will be attending. First it is important to note that there are several levels of treatment based on what treatment you may already have had as well as how severe your eating disorder is. Many people can attend outpatient treatment and do just fine, while others may need a residential program or something in between.

The treatment you receive will depend on your history as well as where your health is at, However the most important thing is that you seek treatment of some kind. At Center for Discovery we can help you decide which treatment is best for you, and get you started in the right direction. We offer eating disorders treatment that is geared especially for teens and preteens just like you.