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Eating Disorder Clinic – Attending a Day Program

There are many options for those that need the services of an eating disorder clinic, one of those options is a day program, where your child will attending during the day but still come home at night to their family. This option is a step down from full time residential care and is an excellent option for those that are medically stable but have a severe eating disorder that needs intensive treatment. Day programs will vary depending on the eating disorder clinic, but normally span 3 full meals and a snack time to help teach your child how to eat properly.

They will also have access to group, family and individual therapy as well as counseling for nutrition and exercise. A school component may be available in some eating disorder clinics so that your child will not fall behind in their studies. If you are looking for an eating disorder clinic, please visit us at Center for Discovery to see what types of treatments we offer.

What you can Expect at an Eating Disorder Center

If you have been told that you will spend some time in an eating disorder center you may be nervous about what the treatment for eating disorders will be. Even if you know that you need help it can be a difficult thing to let someone that you do not even know into your life to help you get that help. It is important to keep in mind that the professionals at an eating disorder center are there to help you understand the roots of your eating disorder and teach you how to cope with the emotions surrounding it.

As part of the treatment for eating disorders you will spend time in individual therapy but you will also participate in group and family therapy as well. You will also take time to learn about nutrition and exercise so that you can understand the mechanics of a healthy balance. For more information about treatment for eating disorders, feel free to contact us at Center for Discovery, we are a residential treatment center for children ages 10 – 19.

Treatment for Eating Disorders – Is there One Single Best Treatment?

Many parents go in search of the single best treatment for eating disorders, out of a natural desire to want the very best for their child. However there are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing a treatment for eating disorders, based on the child, what other issues they may have, how long the eating disorder has been going on, and of course your insurance and ability to pay. All of these must factor in finding the best possible treatment for your child.

There are several different levels of treatment for eating disorder, from one on one counseling to day treatment to residential treatment and hospitalization. Each of these treatments is a step up from each other in terms of the severity of the eating disorder as well as better adapted to the environment that the child is currently in and what their specific needs are.

At Center for Discovery we like to look at the entire picture and find a solution based on your child’s needs. Visit our site for more information and to schedule a consultation.

The Special Needs of a Teen Should be Considered

Teens face pressures we could only imagine, making them vulnerable to eating any number of disorders and abuse problems. Teenage eating disorders bring with them special needs that need to be considered when treatment is sought. Treatment that is directed at teens has been found to be much more effective and successful and offers your child the greatest chance of success when trying to overcome their eating disorders.

Many teens also face a dual diagnosis, meaning that a substance abuse problem may accompany their eating disorder. Programs designed for teens should take this under consideration and also allow for other disorders to be treated at the same time. At Center for Discovery we focus on teenage eating disorders and all their special challenges, we offer a residential program specially designed for teens to help them recover and go on to live healthy happy lives.

Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment – Will it Help when Other Treatments Have not?

Has your child had treatment for eating disorders only to relapse? Is their situation getting more and more concerning by the day leaving you to feel like you do not know where to turn? If so it might be time to consider an inpatient eating disorder treatment, this type of treatment is usually reserved for those that are seriously underweight or those that have tried other treatments and had no success.

Inpatient eating disorder treatment works because it removes the child from the environment where the disorder is at its strongest and puts them in a healing environment that is designed to teach them how to be healthy while at the same time help them to be healthy within that environment. With group, individual and family counseling as well as nutritional and exercise counseling this treatment is a bit more intense but offers a safe environment for those that need to recover. The Center for Discovery is a residential treatment center for teens with eating disorders.

How Family Therapy can Help

When looking for help for eating disorders an important part of the plan will be family therapy, this can be uncomfortable not just for the person with the eating disorder but also for the family of that person. Family therapy is however one of the most important parts of the program since the family is always going to be the first line of support for the child with an eating disorder.

Family therapy will help the family understand how to help the child with an eating disorder and will also teach them the things they need to know to identify the behavior and not enable it. Just as importantly however family therapy can strengthen family ties and build trust offering the child the safety they need when it is time to face the world around them. For more information about help with eating disorders please visit us at Center for Discovery.

Understanding a Bit More about Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are rampant among teens and many of those that have eating disorders have the potential of their eating disorder becoming life threatening at some point in their lives. There are three types of eating disorders that teens can suffer from, anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive overeating. Each of these offers their own risks to your teen’s health and needs to be address to help your child have healthy and productive life.

If you suspect that your teen has an eating disorder your first step is likely to be with their doctor or a professional in the eating disorder field. This will help to assess if your child has a problem by examining their health. You may also wish to read more about eating disorders and the signs that your child may have an eating disorder; you can do this by visiting us at Center for Discovery.

A Few of the Steps Each Patient Must Make

When you enter an eating disorders treatment program there are a number of things that you can expect. The first thing you will work on is trying to find the roots of your eating disorder, this is a very important part of your treatment that will involve a therapist and both individual and group therapy. Once you have found out why you have an eating disorder, then eating disorders treatment can begin.

Along with therapy that will also extend to your family you will receive counseling in nutrition, this will help teach you how to eat properly again, a very important step if you want to recover. You will learn the important components of a well-balanced diet as well as how to maintain your weight while still eating enough to satisfy your body. You will also be offered exercise classes that teach you the components of healthy exercise that is not extreme but will keep your body in excellent condition.

If you would like to learn more about eating disorders treatment then contact us at Center for Discovery, we offer treatment for children between the ages of 10 and 19.

Understanding what to Expect From Eating Disorder Treatment

If your parent or you have decided that you need eating disorders treatment you may be concerned about what to expect from the treatment center you will be attending. First it is important to note that there are several levels of treatment based on what treatment you may already have had as well as how severe your eating disorder is. Many people can attend outpatient treatment and do just fine, while others may need a residential program or something in between.

The treatment you receive will depend on your history as well as where your health is at, However the most important thing is that you seek treatment of some kind. At Center for Discovery we can help you decide which treatment is best for you, and get you started in the right direction. We offer eating disorders treatment that is geared especially for teens and preteens just like you.

Understanding a bit More about your Childs Eating Disorder

If you have been told that your child has an eating disorder, you may be struggling to understand exactly what that means. It may not always be apparent to you that your child has an eating disorder, or it may be confusing when trying to understand what type of eating disorders there are and which one is affecting your child.

There are three types of eating disorders, Anorexia Nervosa where a person starves themselves to become extremely thin, Bulimia Nervosa in which a person will gorge on food then purge it through vomiting or laxatives and binge eating disorder where an individual will gorge on large amounts of food, each of these disorders will manifest differently and will have different symptoms and warning signs. There are also a number of different related disorders that often coexist with eating disorder that you should be aware of.

Please visit Center For Discover for more information about all of these disorders and to get help for your child.