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Where to Turn When Your Child has an Eating Disorder

You may suspect that you child has an eating disorder, or you may be absolutely certain of it. Knowing where to turn when you know your child is in desperate need of help can be confusing. Is counseling enough? Does your child need to be hospitalized or would an outpatient program be more acceptable? Eating disorder help varies depending on a lot of factors, so the best thing you can do is to have an eating disorder specialist evaluate your child and help you decide just exactly what type of help they need.

In many cases a therapist or day program will be enough, if counseling has not worked before or your child is significantly underweight you may find that you need a residential program which will offer more intense eating disorder help. Visit us at Center for Discovery for more information about where to turn for help.

Making Sure that the Clinic You choose is Set Up for Teens

Many eating disorder clinics do not distinguish age, they are designed for adults but because there have been few eating disorder clinics for adolescents available till recently they simply covered them as well. This is not the best choice however since the issues that face pre-teens and teens are not the same issues that adults face. It is important that whenever possible you find an eating disorder clinic that is geared toward children and teens, since this will give your child the best chance of recovery.

Your child faces many pressures that we as adults often do not understand, peer pressure can be a powerful force that can cause incredible pain and issues for the children that are subjected to it. An eating disorder clinic that is specially designed for preteens and teens can help your child to understand how to cope with this peer pressure and thrive. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about why an eating disorder clinic just for adolescents is right for your child.

What your Visit to an Eating Disorder Center Will Be Like?

It is perfectly understandable to be a bit concerned about your visit to an eating disorder center, you may or may not understand that you have a disorder, and you may not know what to expect from the other patients there as well as what the staff will be like. Sometimes it is possible to visit the center before your treatment begins, this can be a good way to reassure you that the other patients there are just like you as well as to get a chance to know and become comfortable with the staff.

If this is not possible then perhaps you can spend some time talking to some of the staff, for the purpose of getting your questions and concerns answered. Most staff members understand your concern and will take the time to reassure you. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about our residential treatment center.

Can an Eating Disorder Treatment Center Help your Child?

If you have doubts about putting your child into an eating disorder treatment center that is only natural, not only is it hard to send your child away but paying for treatment can be quite costly and not something that most families can easily afford. You would do anything to help your child but you still want to know that the treatment is going to help and that is completely understandable. While there are no guarantees ever that treatment will or won’t help your child, it can be helpful to take the time to understand what a treatment center will do.

An eating disorder treatment center helps take your child out of the environment that started the eating disorder, and teaches them to look at themselves and the world in a new light. Teenage girls are subject to a lot of stress and ridicule about their size and in this society there is a lot of pressure for young women to be perfect. If you would like to know more about eating disorders and treatment centers visit us at Center for Discovery.

What Makes Teenage Eating Disorders Different?

You may have heard that the best place for a child with teenage eating disorders is in a treatment facility specially focused on teens, but why exactly is that important? Aside from the obvious that children look at our world in a different way and have different things that motivate them there are plenty of other important reasons why you should seek help from a teenage eating disorder clinic.

Teens face a lot of pressure these days, not just peer pressure from their friends and classmates but also from the world around them. Perfection is something to be attained, particularly for teenage girls whose role models are often stick thin and seem perfect in every way. Breaking down these illusions for young teens that see this as their path in life is an important part of the process at any eating disorder clinic.

If you are looking for a clinic that specializes in teenage eating disorders visit us at Center for Discovery, we offer a residential treatment program for teens and preteens.

What Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Offer?

While most of us would rather avoid an inpatient program especially for our young children, there are times when an inpatient eating disorder treatment makes more sense. Inpatient treatment is recommended when a patient is severely underweight or has tried other treatments only to relapse. Inpatient treatment offers a more intensive treatment as well as a supervised and limited environment that encourages patients to make progress in dealing with their eating disorders.

In addition to intensive therapy and group therapy, patients will attend nutrition and exercise classes to help them learn how to find balance in their lives and to take good care of their bodies. Inpatient eating disorder treatment can teach a child how to deal with the pressures they will encounter in the ordinary world. For more information about inpatient treatment and to find out if your child needs this type of treatment visit us at Center for Discovery.

How to Get Help for Eating Disorders

If you think you might have an eating disorder but are afraid to tell anyone because you fear the repercussions, then the first thing you might want to do is to look for help for eating disorders from specialists that can help you decide how to tell your friends and family. Admitting that you have a problem is a big step and you may need help and support to share your struggles with your family so that you can get the help that you need to get better again.

Specialists can help you decide the best way to talk to your family and get them to understand that you need help, or if you cannot find a specialist you will find many sites that offer help for eating disorders that can tell you how to approach this sensitive information. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about eating disorders and how to get the help you need.

Eating Disorders Don’t Just Go Away

One of the biggest mistakes loved ones can make when confronted with a child that has an eating disorder is to make the assumption that the eating disorder will go away on its own, or that your child can simply will it to go away. Just like any other type of disorders, eating disorders are an illness that must be treated. The problem with trying to force your child to eat is that you will simply force the behavior underground but the driving force behind the disorder will not go away.

In order to truly help your child it is critical that you address eating disorders as what they are, an illness that must be treated. To do anything different is to risk a child’s health and life as well as their ability to have a normal and product life. The sooner you get treatment for your child the easier it will be to overcome. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about eating disorders and how best to help your child.

Can Eating Disorder Centers Give My Child the Help They Need

If your child is struggling right now because of an eating disorder, then it may be time to find them the help that can help them get on the right track again. Eating disorder centers for adolescents may be just the place your child needs to find their balance again and get their life moving in the right direction once more.

Eating disorder centers for adolescents focus their treatments on the unique problems that adolescents face, this offers them a treatment that they can understand and that is relevant to their life right now. Centers will also teach your child the healthy way to eat as well as teach them appropriate levels of exercise to help them live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

At Center for Discovery we offer a residential program that is designed just for teens and pre-teens, please visit us for more information and to talk to a specialist in eating disorders.

Your Path to Eating Disorder Treatments

Eating disorders can endanger a child’s life and disrupt an entire family and while you may know you need to do something to help your child you may be at a loss as to how. One of the first thing you need to do is to realize that your child has a severe illness, you cannot fix it and your child needs specialized eating disorder treatments to get better. Many parents simply do not understand eating disorders and think that they can somehow make them better just by trying to make their child eat more.

Instead you should seek out your child’s doctor for consultation or talk to a professional eating disorder specialist to find out if your child has an eating disorder and what needs to be done about it. Eating disorder treatments are a long term process so you must be patient and understand that things will not get better right away; you will need to offer you support and unconditional love to your child for the length of their treatment and trust in the process.

At Center for Discovery we offer eating disorder treatments that are targeted to adolescents and teens, offering them treatment unique to their special challenges.