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Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – Giving Teens a Chance for a New Life

The number of teens who end up with eating disorders due to feeling overwhelmed by pressure from their peers and the rigors of daily life is staggering. If you have a teen that has found themselves in this position, you may find that eating disorder treatment centers can provide them with a safe place where they can recover and get a chance for a fresh start in life.

Today’s eating disorder treatment centers such as the Center for Discovery blend inpatient intensive treatment with a complete program of family therapy to help your child only understand the reasons for their eating disorder. They will also help them learn the essential skills necessary to ensure that they are able to go back out into their world and maintain the healthy eating habits and skills they have learned.

Help for Eating Disorders – When Your Child Needs Help for Eating Disorders

We field many phone calls from very distraught and anxious parents who have just been told that their child needs help for the eating disorders. When we get these phone calls those who us are often very upset, finding out your child has an eating disorder can come as quite a shock an leave a parent feeling shocked and at a loss.

Finding help for eating disorders is not as easy as simply picking up the phone book and being able to trust the first name you see. Your child deserves far better than this. You need to find a treatment center such as the Center for Discovery that specializes in working with children instead of one intended for adults. Only they will have staff that is fully trained in help children cope with an eating disorder in a way that they can relate to.

Eating Disorder Treatments – Can We Help Our Child with Their Eating Disorder?

When your child has been diagnosed it can be very disquieting. As a parent we are intent on doing the best we can for our children and when this happens, we feel that we have failed our child. While there are a number of different types of eating disorder treatments available, it can be tempting to think that you can do it all by yourself.

The only problem with this is that when your child has developed an eating disorder, it is a mental as well as a physical condition. While you might think that you are doing the right thing, you are going to find that in most cases seeking eating disorder treatments from a professional clinic such as the Center for Discovery is more likely to produce permanent positive results for your child, which is exactly what they need.

Eating Disorder Treatment Center – Help Your Child Find their Balance Again

After you spent months working with your child in an outpatient eating disorder treatment program and found that it really is not doing the job, you may the best thing that the best thing you can do for them is to place them in a residential eating disorder treatment center. Because teens face such a vast array of emotional issues, it may take placing them in a controlled environment in order for them to get the help they need.

This is because an eating disorder treatment center such as the Center for Discovery offers a safe place for your teen to discover the feelings that have most likely triggered their eating disorder and then learn what it takes to channel these feelings in a healthier and more productive manner while at the same time preventing your child’s disorder from destroying their health, leading the need for hospitalization instead.

Eating Disorder Centers – Your Child Needs Help That Is Designed for Their Age Group

When it comes to eating disorders the challenges faced by teens are different from those faced by adults. This is the most important reason that you should not put your child in any of the eating disorder centers that are geared for adults as the results you get may not be the best. It is very important that you find a center such as the Center for Discovery that is designed to work with children in their teens and preteens

By choosing eating disorder centers that are intended for children means that the staff you will get including therapists and nutritionists understand how to approach the problem from a perspective that children can understand. By doing things this way, these centers are having a much higher rate of success than those where children that are placed in traditional centers.

Eating Disorder Center – What Kind of Help Will My Child Get?

Now that I know my child has been properly diagnosed with anorexia, her doctor has recommended that we enroll her in an inpatient program at an eating disorder center. Before we do this, I would like to know what the center is going to offer her to help her to overcome her disorder. In order to make the right to make the right decision regarding a treatment center, it is only natural to know what the center offers.

As an eating disorder center that has been created specifically for teens, the Center for Discovery offers a full range of treatment and therapy, including both individual and group sessions. We have our own nutritionists and dieticians who will work with your child to teach them about proper nutrition and the foods they should be eating. Our mission is to provide your teen with all of the tools they are going to need when the time comes to once again face the world.

Teenage Eating Disorders – Early Warning Signs For Teenage Eating Disorders

If you are concerned about teenage eating disorder and think your child might have one, you already know how good your child is at hiding their behavior. This in fact can be one of the biggest warning flags to look for when trying to decide if your child has an eating disorder. Look a bit farther, you may want to look for signs of malnutrition, which can be hair loss, infrequent or absent menstrual periods in girls, difficulty in concentrating and dizzy spells or lack of energy.

If your child shows an obsession with food, this too can indicate that your child has an eating disorder, as can increased isolation, frequent lying and compulsive exercising among many other symptoms. If you would like a complete list of warning signs for teenage eating disorders then visit us at Center for Discovery for more information.

Help For Eating Disorders Should Encompass a Number of Different Types of Therapy

Eating disorders are highly complex and over time professionals have learned that no one treatment will be enough to treat these disorders successfully. Help for eating disorders starts with good individual, group and family therapy but goes well beyond this into a number of different types of therapy designed to round out a child’s education when it comes to being healthy and balanced when it comes to food and exercise.

Nutritional education is an important part of any program that aims to be help for eating disorders, as is exercise support and communications skills training. Body image is also addressed in a number of ways relapse support is often added to ensure that adolescents have the tools necessary to continue their success in the outside world. Visit us a Center for Discovery for a complete list of therapies we use to help your child be healthy.

Eating Disorder Centers – Looking for a Center that Offers Dual Diagnosis

Many times if there is an eating disorder there can be a co-occurring issue that goes hand in hand with it. These issues can range from the full gamut of mood disorders to self-injuring type behaviors and trauma from past issues among others. If you suspect that your child has a dual diagnosis, then it is important that you look for eating disorder centers that can help to address all these issues at one time.

The risk is that if both issues are not address at the same time that they will continue to have reoccurring issues that will not be resolved until they are both addressed. At the Center for Discovery we offer dual diagnosis treatment that can address a variety of issues at the same time as the eating orders are addressed. If you are looking at eating disorder centers visit our site to learn more about our program, philosophy and what we treat.

Eating Disorder Center – A Good Center Will Include a Complete Nutritional Program

When you get ready to put your child into an eating disorder center, it is important to make sure that the center will include a complete nutritional program. While most disorders centers do include a nutritional component, many of them do not go far enough. The importance of getting to the root emotional issues of an eating disorder cannot be overstated; however without the mechanics that your child may be lacking they may still struggle when it comes to making the right choices.

An eating disorder center nutritional plan will include an assessment that will allow professionals to set up an individualized program as well as hands exposure and food preparation. Also included will be family meals where the family will learn more about helping their loved one cope with their eating disorder. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about our nutritional program as well as the reason of our eating disorder program.