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Eating Disorder Treatment Centers – Do Your Eating Disorder Treatment Centers Offer Follow On Care?

When your child is an inpatient at one of our eating disorder treatment centers, they are under constant supervision and care. We work with them to ensure that once they have completed their time here that they have the tools and the knowledge they need to be able to continue eating a healthy diet. In most cases this is just the beginning and more help will be needed.

At the Center for Discovery, we understand that we can only do so much in our inpatient eating disorder treatment centers and most teens need more. To help your child transition back into their home environment, we offer outpatient care on a longer term basis. Not only do we provide support for your child, but continuing education that will help to ensure their success in overcoming their disorder.

Treatment for Eating Disorders – Convincing Your Child They Need Treatment for Eating Disorders

A large number of teens today seem to have a hard time with their self-image; our culture seems to still be projecting the idea that you have to be thin to be successful. When this is what your child sees as being the norm and sets off down a very destructive path, you have no choice but to help them seek treatment for eating disorder. If you don’t the results of this type of behavior can be disastrous.

Convincing your child accept treatment for eating disorders is not likely to be an easy task, it is most likely going to take intervention by a team of professionals such as those at the Center for Discovery. These are medical and psychological professionals who have been specially trained to work with teens to help them see that they need to enter a treatment program. Once entered into a program, your child will work with a team of specialists who will help them to unlearn the destructive behavior and teach them how to be happy with who they are.

Eating Disorder Treatments – Your Family Needs to be Involved in Eating Disorder Treatments

No matter how you look at the situation, your whole family is a very important part of any program of eating disorder treatments if you want them to be successful. Therapists know that while it is important that the person with an eating disorder receives the appropriate level of therapy, the family also needs their own level of therapy so that they can understand the problems their child has and how they need to be involved in helping him or her get to where they need to go.

Eating disorder treatments such as those offered by the Center for Discovery focus on the family since they have been there throughout all of the bad times and now they need help to come to terms with their child’s disorder. This part of the treatment program is designed to ensure that the family understands their role in providing support for the patient once they return home from the residential treatment center.

Eating Disorder Help – Where Do I Go for Eating Disorder Help for My Teen?

There is nothing much worse as a parent than watching your child binge eat on a regular basis. Knowing that you need to do something, but not knowing where to turn for eating disorder help can be very frustrating. Teen binge eating has been on the rise for many years and until recently there were no facilities that worked directly with teens; most facilities were built for adults.

Fortunately when you start looking for eating disorder help today, you will find that there are now clinics and inpatient centers like the Center for Discovery that have been created to work with kids between the ages of 10 and 19 to help them understand their reasons for binge eating and then teach them far more effective ways to cope with their emotions. They teach your child specific techniques that will help them overcome their eating disorder and healthier eating habits so that they can lead a happy and productive life.

Eating Disorder Clinics – Will Eating Disorder Clinics Really Be Able to Help My Teen?

When you have a child that has an eating disorder it can be very frustrating as a parent. It can seem as though no matter what you do, their destructive behavior continues. When you see this happening, you need to seek professional help from people who have been trained to work with teens with this type of disorder. You will find that there are eating disorder clinics that have been established specifically to work with those between the ages of 10 and 19.

Eating disorder clinics such as the Center for Discovery are targeted at this age group and the staff has received training that is aimed directly at working with this age group. Teens and tweens require a specific level of care simply because of their age. This is a period in their lives when they are the most vulnerable to everything around them, it is also an age where with the right guidance and they can still unlearn bad habits quickly and be ready to meet the world head on instead of running away from it.

Eating Disorder Clinic – What Will an Eating Disorder Clinic Do for My Child?

If you are going to admit your child to an eating disorder clinic, you have a right to know what you can expect. No parent wants to have their child admitted into a residential treatment center for an eating disorder, but the alternatives do not present a very pleasant picture. After your child has gotten settled in, they will meet with a range of professionals that are there to help your child work through the reason why they developed an eating disorder.

The staff at the eating disorder clinic such as the Center for Discovery will provide your child with the tools they need to recover from their eating disorder. Your child will learn about a healthy diet and they will be involved in both individual and group therapy programs, exercise and recreational therapy. The program is designed to help your child see that their behavior was destructive and to ensure that they have the tools they need to prevent a recurrence of their disorder.

Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment – Choosing Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Your Child

As a parent, finding out that your child has an eating disorder often comes as a complete shock. Although you may have noticed that your child is not eating as much as others in some cases and more than others depending on the particular disorder they are dealing with. If you are not sure whether or not if your child needs to be admitted to an inpatient eating disorder treatment facility, you can always talk to the facilitators at the treatment center and get them to help you with that decision.

Research shows that not all children with an eating disorder need to take part in an inpatient eating disorder treatment program. A large percentage of kids can get all of the help they need on an outpatient basis as long as they have plenty of support at home. If you are not sure what type of treatment your child needs the staff here at the Center for Discovery can help evaluate your child and recommend the most appropriate form of treatment for them.

Eating Disorders – There are Multiple Documented Eating Disorders

When most people think of the term “eating disorders” the first think they tend to think of are pictures the waif like late teenage girl with anorexia. Although this particular eating disorder is perhaps the most prevalent, and is driven by the image projected by movie stars and models that only when you are this thin do you look good. This is only one of the major eating disorders, the other are bulimia and binge eating.

Anorexia and bulimia both can result in your child not getting the nutrition that their bodies need to thrive and this can lead to major health problems such as organ failure and eventually cause death. At the extreme opposite end of the scale is the binge eater. The child with this disorder tends to eat when he or she is having emotional problems such as being picked on at school. They consume large quantities of food and in most cases are either borderline obese or are obese. At Center for Discovery we specialize in helping teens learn to overcome their disease and get their lives back in order.

Eating Disorders Treatment – Giving Your Child the Right Care with Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Most eating disorders do not develop without some form of underlying cause. In many cases you will find that along with their eating disorder, a child is likely to be dealing with depression or perhaps another form of addictive behavior. When you are looking for an eating disorders treatment facility, you will find that one that offer dual diagnosis treatment can offer far more help for the average teen who is having other problems.

You will find that dual diagnosis disorders can include issues such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and depression. They can also include anxiety disorders, stress and a range of drug and alcohol abuse problems. At the Center for Discovery we have found that the best way to ensure that these teens achieve a complete and successful recovery is to address all of their problems as a package so that when they leave our treatment facility, they are ready to face the real world once again.

Eating Disorder Treatment – Choosing the Right Eating Disorder Treatment for Your Child

Trying to come to terms with the fact your child has an eating disorder can be hard enough as a parent, but trying to find the right eating disorder treatment can be even more difficult. It can be ever worse if you know nothing about the disorder or the treatment. One of the first things you need to do is to find a treatment center that is experienced in evaluating and treating children.  This is a crucial step as the problems that children face are entirely different than those an adult faces and it is important to ensure that you choose a clinic that helps your child rebuild their life and find hope.

Center for Discovery is an eating disorder treatment center that works solely with adolescents and teens as this allows our staff to address the issues that are unique to this age group and to help them find the necessary tools to overcome their eating disorders.