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Eating Disorder Centers – Finding an Eating Disorder Center in Your Area

If you have a child that has an eating disorder, you want to take care in finding eating disorder centers and choosing the right one. You don’t want it to be too far away from your home, so you can have an active role in your child’s recovery, but at the same time you want to find the center that is the very best and that will give your child the best chance of recovering from their eating disorder. This can be a tall order, to find an eating disorder center that can offer you the program your child needs as well as being close enough to your home, it takes a bit of research on your part or a referral from a trusted family doctor.

One of the best way to find the best eating disorder centers is through a referral, you can turn to a doctor or a therapist for such a referral or if you don’t have either, a community health agency may be able to help you find the right center for you and your child. Research on the Internet can often aid in your search, since you will be able to get a good idea of what each center offers and how they approach recovery. To learn more about Center for Discovery visit our website or call us to make an appointment.

What Can Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Offer Your Child?

One of the more common reactions for parents when told their child needs an inpatient eating disorder treatment program is why? Most parents dislike the idea of their child being away from home and away from them, and may have a hard time understanding the need for it. If your child has been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time, being in an inpatient program can help them to break the patterns that have held them prisoner for so long.

From group and individual therapy, to education in how to eat and exercise in balance, your child will be taught only the roots of their eating disorder but also will be given the tools to overcome it on a day to day basis. An inpatient eating disorder treatment center can also offer a controlled environment where your teen will be able to put on weight and get healthy while they learn how to overcome their eating disorder. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn how our inpatient program can help your child regain control over their life.

Teenage Eating Disorders – Early Warning Signs For Teenage Eating Disorders

If you are concerned about teenage eating disorder and think your child might have one, you already know how good your child is at hiding their behavior. This in fact can be one of the biggest warning flags to look for when trying to decide if your child has an eating disorder. Look a bit farther, you may want to look for signs of malnutrition, which can be hair loss, infrequent or absent menstrual periods in girls, difficulty in concentrating and dizzy spells or lack of energy.

If your child shows an obsession with food, this too can indicate that your child has an eating disorder, as can increased isolation, frequent lying and compulsive exercising among many other symptoms. If you would like a complete list of warning signs for teenage eating disorders then visit us at Center for Discovery for more information.

Help For Eating Disorders Should Encompass a Number of Different types of Therapy

Eating disorders are highly complex and over time professionals have learned that no one treatment will be enough to treat these disorders successfully. Help for eating disorders starts with good individual, group and family therapy but goes well beyond this into a number of different types of therapy designed to round out a child’s education when it comes to being healthy and balanced when it comes to food and exercise.

Nutritional education is an important part of any program that aims to be help for eating disorders, as is exercise support and communications skills training. Body image is also addressed in a number of ways relapse support is often added to ensure that adolescents have the tools necessary to continue their success in the outside world. Visit us a Center for Discovery for a complete list of therapies we use to help your child be healthy.

Eating Disorder Centers – Looking for a Center that Offers Dual Diagnosis

Many times if there is an eating disorder there can be a co-occurring issue that goes hand in hand with it. These issues can range from the full gamut of mood disorders to self-injuring type behaviors and trauma from past issues among others. If you suspect that your child has a dual diagnosis, then it is important that you look for eating disorder centers that can help to address all these issues at one time.

The risk is that if both issues are not address at the same time that they will continue to have reoccurring issues that will not be resolved until they are both addressed. At the Center for Discovery we offer dual diagnosis treatment that can address a variety of issues at the same time as the eating orders are addressed. If you are looking at eating disorder centers visit our site to learn more about our program, philosophy and what we treat.

Eating Disorder Center – A Good Center Will Include a Complete Nutritional Program

When you get ready to put your child into an eating disorder center, it is important to make sure that the center will include a complete nutritional program. While most disorders centers do include a nutritional component, many of them do not go far enough. The importance of getting to the root emotional issues of an eating disorder cannot be overstated; however without the mechanics that your child may be lacking they may still struggle when it comes to making the right choices.

An eating disorder center nutritional plan will include an assessment that will allow professionals to set up an individualized program as well as hands exposure and food preparation. Also included will be family meals where the family will learn more about helping their loved one cope with their eating disorder. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about our nutritional program as well as the reason of our eating disorder program.

Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment – The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient eating disorder treatment offers many benefits for the patient that is struggling with their eating disorder and needs more than just therapy to overcome it. An inpatient program combines several therapies into one treatment to give a patient a more intensive and well-rounded treatment aimed at giving them all the tools they need to be healthy and to live a more balanced life.

Inpatient eating disorder treatment will include an extensive nutritional program that will teach patients to cook in a way that is healthy for their bodies, to listing to their bodies to know when they are hungry and full. Body image therapies will help to teach patients to be comfortable with their bodies again and exercise support will teach patients how to exercise properly without over doing it. Visit us at Center for Discovery to learn more about our inpatient eating disorder program.

Eating Disorders – Are You Having Trouble Understanding Eating Disorders?

Once your child has been diagnosed by your family doctor or a specialist as having one an eating disorder, it can leave you with a lot of questions. Most parents area at least aware of what eating disorders are, but beyond that do not really understand how it is that their child arrived to the point where they were diagnosed with one.

Rather than feeling like you are being left in the dark when it comes to understanding the things you need to know about eating disorders in teens, the Center for Discovery is here to not only provide your child with the help they need, but to help you as well. Our staff is here to help provide you with the information you need along with family counseling so that both you and your child get the help you need.

Eating Disorders Treatment – With Eating Disorders Treatment is the Only Cure

If you have noticed that your child is displaying the characteristics of one the different eating disorders, treatment at home is generally not an option. The issue here is that quite often you will find a large part of why your child has an eating disorder stems from their home life, including school and friends as well as media influences.

Here at the Center for Discovery we have found that in the majority of cases the best treatment for eating disorders is to take the teenager out of his home environment and to put them in a more controlled environment. By doing this we are more able to help them get to the root cause of their disorder so that we can teach them ways in which to avoid or overcome the situation when it arises instead of letting it cause the eating disorder they have been suffering from.

Eating Disorder Treatment – What Happens after My Child Complete Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment?

If you are like most parents, you know that while your child is undergoing inpatient eating disorder treatment that they are going to get all of the guidance and help they need. The question is what happens after your child has finished their inpatient treatment, are they sent home and that is the end of it or is there more?

At the Center for Discovery we take the time that your child is in our eating disorder treatment facility to teach them about eating a nutritious diet as well as having them work with a therapist whose job it is to help them understand the causes of their problem and teach them the tools they need to make it work on the outside. We also provide outpatient follow on care to help make sure that they continue to achieve the goals that were established during their stay, we never send a patient out to try and make it on their own.